Ret PVP Spec, Glyphs, and Meta

What have you guys changed to?

Does Divinity double dip? I'm not sure what to do with the 3 points I'll be taking out of Protector of the Innocent.
you might as well put it into Prot. I went for Eternal Glory and Divinity, might go Holy probably not though, but I figure we will want 20 seconds off hammer come Cata. On the other hand, some talents in second tier holy might work well with the changes. I went with 21 crit reduced fear duration by 10% meta, though.
yes it double dips

aka 12% stronger WOG
How do people feel about inquiry of faith and divine storm in PvP ret specs?
I went with divinity and 10% stun reduction (just needed to toss in something) for now. I still had a lot of survivability in AB. It's not quite the survivability of spamming 1-2 HP WoG after every CS, but I was still taking on 3+ enemies and staying alive until their GYs turn it in to 5 on 1.

I haven't put too much thought into pvp choices for Major Glyphs.

I've got 2 points into Inquiry of Faith atm. I don't see a use for divine storm though.

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