I know holy needed a bit of a nerf.. However

I must ask, Flash of Light was negated (almost seemingly forcefully) by Holy Shock (and its holy power generation) in combination with word of glory.

And truth be told, any new player was able to hop on a Holy spec Paladin and heal end game raids without flinching, so I understand the reasoning behind the nerf.

However, basing my healing solely off of Holy Shock to conserve mana and using other spells to generate no cooldown on my Holy Shock was a beautiful system, and it did take precision and specific rotations to be effective - you can see why I'm upset about some of the changes (nerfs)

Holy Shock, going from nearly 5,500 down to 3, and not exactly sure of the specific amounts, but Word of Glory seemingly being nerfed in the same proportion, It's seemingly nearly impossible to conserve mana for long periods of time. It's completely doable in Heroics and the likes, but ICC for example, I can't even imagine the grief.

I would like to hear a blue's take on this.

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Gear up, then you'll be fine. PvE wise anyways
You're not going to get a Blue post on a class forum.
Well, that's a no brainer. Gearing up is a given. (Working on it)

However, the state of holy right now is not a good place to be.
Just because it's not a support issue, doesn't mean blues to scroll through. Don't shoot my dreams in the face, areos.
Holy shock is almost not worth using anymore it seems.

In my gear I was critting 10k with holy shock before, and now only healing 6k crits.

Time to go back to vanilla healing style and take holy shock and word of glory off my action bars.
holy shock needed the nerf, paladins in pvp could keep themselves up just with instant casts with 3+ people on them

Still can, when there not using stuns interupts etc. Hell, I kited a group of 5-6 from farm to about half way up the hill to Lumber Mill, while my teamates took the flag at farm. Oh and holy shock can still crit for 10k+

holy shock needed the nerf, paladins in pvp could keep themselves up just with instant casts with 3+ people on them

also your gear kinda sucks, im getting 5-8k holy shocks now but the infusion of light more than makes up for it

Holy shock didn't need the nerf, it was the 2second HoPo charges on damage taken that needed the nerf, along with the free heal on yourself whenever you heal yourself. Both of those got nerfed, yet they nerfed holy shock by 40% ASWELL.
"Holy Shock is almost not worth using"

Really? lol...

I'm getting 7400+ HS Crits, for 351 mana, plus a guaranteed HoPo.
A 7400 INSTANT Heal with a HoPo, followed by WoG OR .8ish cast on a Divine Light or .5s Holy Light. (t10)

For PvP, you're going to have to not have 7 people beating on you and except to survive.
In PvE gear I can survive 2/3 people on me, as long as one of them is not a mage ;p

My point is; Holy shock was amazing back then, Holy Shock is still good now. Just because it's not as great as it was pre-nerf, does not mean it's bad. You should still use it every CD.

I'm getting 7400+ HS Crits

In my full Wrathful (minus shoulders, using PVE ones) My holy shock is critting for around 6600 (a bit more with 3 stacks of Conviction), and noncrits are only around 4500. Compared to before where my crits were around 10,000 is an enormous nerf.

I'll go do a BG to test out how awful it really is.
I feel your pain I am not even level 80 and I feel like even regular mobs are having a field day with me its as if my dps along with my self healing was cut to a 1/3 of what it was. I mean I can agree no one should be god like but still to drastically nerf word of glory and dps across the board while upping the damage mobs are doing makes me wonder if the dev have a twisted sense of humor or don't realise what they are doing balance wise. I have to say that the joy and ability to solo quests while waiting for queues are lost to me now not sure what they intended with such critical and massive cuts to such a degree were meant to be punishment for playing a paladin? Considering I am leveling as protection it does hurt that they went and cut my healing and dps by so much that prot doesn't seem like a viable spec for leveling anymore. Maybe I am just trolling my feeling out in the open but I feel crippled especially when I can't pvp and I am now struggling to hold aggro in instances I question what the dev are really doing to our class. Again ninja nerfs are the worse kind of nerfs out there in my opinion.

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