<A>After Hours 1/13 LF Holy/Disc Priest

After Hours a late night raiding guild looking for skilled players for 10 man raiding!

We aim to be a small group of intelligent players capable of performing as the best, and do, but do not have the time to spend 4-5 days a week for several hours in raids.

We are currently 1/13 heroic modes and 12/12 normal modes. We also got Volcanic Drakes for nearly every raider we have very early on (some simply don't care about it since they have Bloodbathed Frostbrood mounts).

Our raid times are currently Wednesday from 9 pm to 1 am server, Sunday 10 pm to 2 am, and Monday 10 pm to 1 am. 100% attendance is required.

We are currently looking for:
A dual spec holy and discipline priest.

When we raid, we take it seriously, but have fun as well. We screw around during fights we can do easily, but on a hard fight we've never done before, we know how to shut up and get it done. If this sounds like the kind of group you'd like to run with, message either myself, Rinrey, or Teriocha in-game and we'll set up an interview time.
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I mightbe interested. I got a few friends that would be interested in joining. we're casual, but we are definitely serious players on almost all the time, with Work usually being the only time we're not on =)
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Bamp, do want healrar.
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Only looking for a warrior tank now!
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7/12. Currently recruiting an elemental shaman and a rogue.
Updated the original post to reflect what Grundul said, 'cause that's what we're looking for.
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