Operation Recombobulation


There are not nearly enough mobs for this gnome quest. It was taking many people 30-60 minutes to do. There are barely any mobs. Please add more; this is terrible.


Absurd is an understatement

The quest mobs are only spawning every 30 seconds at best, so it became a big race to tap the mob as soon as it appeared. Leveling a rogue, which has no instant range attacks, made it impossible to complete until traffic went down.

Even grouping doesn't help because only one person can loot the quest item per mob.
Agreed. This is just painful. Low spawn rate + 8 drops required + the hundreds of people running around means this is near impossible.
Poor customer experience in my opinion. Bad business Blizzard. This basically looks like an intentional bad experience just to troll the customer. There is no reason or excuse for this garbage quest. Subsequently, because its such garbage and a waste of time and its developer should be ashamed of himself/herself, skipping the quest is essentially a must. Worthless dev...
Agreed. very low drop rate for the 8 items. drop the quest and move on. I hope it is not part of a chain...
The previous complaints in this thread were all from the day the new Cataclysm quests were released to the public. This is a quest that suffers from having a huge swarm of people all trying to complete it at once, but that seldom happens now.

The quest item does not have a low drop rate, however it only drops from one of the different kinds of trolls there (the Scavengers), as it says in the quest text. If you go around killing lots of the other kinds of trolls, which cannot drop the quest item, then you will indeed take much longer than you should. Always read the quest text.
Minidecay is correct, however it's not just subject to that time period. I've been leveling characters a lot recently for fun, and this quest is very much a choke point due to the cross realm system. I've already made a suggestion using the in game system, but wanted to follow up on the forums. This quest could use a bit of tuning. Either adding more of the specific trolls for the drop, or perhaps reduce the drops required so that there is less competition for the mobs required.

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