Gearing for Raids in Pandaria - Enhancement

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I cannot stress enough how awesome your work is Ashunera!

You've done what most of us serious enhancement shamans would take hours to compile and made it public.

Kudos, thumbs up and great thanks!
Glad I could help ;)

Hopefully that BiS list isn't too far off.. it will change a bit depending on race and professions, but I hope it's a decent template for some people if nothing else.
I cannot stress enough how awesome your work is Ashunera!

You've done what most of us serious enhancement shamans would take hours to compile and made it public.

Kudos, thumbs up and great thanks!

Agreed! I have this book-marked.
Heavy Geode Mace --
That's the best pre-raid, in both slots, unless you can, somehow, manage to get hit and expertise capped... which isn't very easy.

Elementium Gutslicer comes in a close second. Windslicer is a "if I can't get something better" kind of weapon... or something you buy with saved up JP the second you hit 85.

Agony and Torment set would need the proc to be around 60% up-time or even higher to make it comparable to Torment+Maimgor's or Crul'korak+Maimgor's, not something I see happening. If the proc uptime is that high, it would very likely be a little too strong for Single Minded Fury. I'd expect it to be around 20-30% like most similar procs and therefore not something we would consider for best-in-slot... but the proc DOES do enough to make it usable. 372 Agony and Torment would surely be better than 359 Crul'korak and Maimgor's or any other combination of these four.
I never really looked at the trinkets until tonight, and I overlooked Fluid Death for the most part. I think it will end up being our best trinket.

Going to update my BiS post with the changes required to make room for it.

Necklace of Strife - No reforge
Cloak of Biting Chill - No reforge
Cuirass of the Raging Elements - Rigid Ocean's Sapphire changed to Sensei's Dream Emerald
Grips of the Raging Elements - Rigid Ocean's Sapphire changed to Sensei's Dream Emerald
Relic of Golganneth - Rigid Ocean's Sapphire changed to Fractured Amberjewel
Fluid Death - Reforged for Mastery

Using Fluid Death over Essence/Prestor's would see these changes:

-363 Agility
-1 Hit Rating
- 425 haste or crit roughly averaged from trinket proc

+208 Mastery Rating
+380 Agility from fully stacked proc
+59 Haste Rating
+59 Crit Rating

I think that's enough to rule out using both Prestor's and Essence, and that Fluid Death is what we want to use in our BiS set, unless DMC:H and Unheeded Warning end up being better than expected. The second trinket will simply be a contest between:

Darkmoon Card: Hurricane
Prestor's Talisman of Machination
Essence of the Cyclone
Unheeded Warning

I'm leaning towards DMC:H, but we'll see.

EDIT - corrected the proc value of Essence/Prestor's
Yeah.. you can't get hit/exp capped without choosing hit/exp gear over other stuff. ;)
These other weapons are alright, they'll serve you fine, it's just that the Geode mace and similarly itemized pieces will make your life easier.

Having a pair of trinkets with hit/exp on them make it a bit easier, but it's probably safer to go all out on those two stats and get into a situation where you can start gemming or reforging away from them rather than struggling to reach the caps. Trust me, it is very difficult to reach the caps without epics.

Keep in mind you can always reforge excess hit and expertise to mastery if you reach that point (not that you're likely to reach that point in blues.)
Haste and crit are bad, even if you reforge 40% of it, it's still 60% suckage.

A hit/expertise piece reforged for mastery has 3 great stats on it. A mastery/crit piece reforged for hit has two great stats and one crappy stat.

You'll likely need to reforge every piece of gear, socket every gem slot, and enchant every possible enchant for hit and expertise until you start getting raiding gear.. so pieces of gear with exp/hit already on them win out over everything else 'cause they give the most bang for your buck. If you do manage to get into a place where you're swimming in hit and expertise and need to drop some, you can choose to turn it into mastery through regemming or reforging instead of being stuck with crappy crit or haste rating.

In an ideal world, every piece of gear has zero haste and zero crit, so you can have 100% of every item's secondary stat budget spent on the strong secondary stats. That will never happen, of course, you'll just want to make it happen for every slot you are able :)
You're not wrong, but you're missing my point.

Due to the flexibility of gemming and reforging, you want to avoid any item with crit and/or haste whenever possible. Yes, that means unless you can't possbily reforge or gem in a way so that your hit and expertise aren't over the cap, an item with crit and/or haste is inferior to one without them. Heavy Geode Mace is itemized better than Windslicer. Period. There will be no point in blue gear where that is not the case.

You are not going to get to a point in blue gear where you're unable to go below the hit/exp caps. It just won't happen. I'll try to explain what I mean:

Heavy Geode Mace
86 hit rating
86 expertise rating

You're over the hit cap, so you reforge 86 hit rating into 34 mastery rating and 52 hit rating. If you're still over the cap, you can reforge the hit on some other item to mastery as well, or change a gem from hit to mastery, rather than having an item with crit instead.

86 crit <--- 52 rating here can never become more useful.
86 mastery

You're under the hit cap, so you reforge 86 crit rating into 34 hit and 52 crit rating. Even if that brings you to the hit cap, you're still stuck with 52 crit rating that could be 52 mastery rating through reforges and gems if you had Heavy Geode Mace instead.

Do you see my point yet? I'm trying to be helpful.
As long as you're aware that excess hit and expertise are a good thing because you can turn them into mastery, you're fine.

You probably compiled the best pre-raiding setup right there, with the possible exception of the chest - Vest of the True Companion may be better.
Well, any item that puts you 140 hit rating over the hit cap will allow you to reforge/regem 140 hit rating elsewhere into mastery in most cases, while you'd only be able to convert 104 of the haste rating on Dragonkiller Tunic to hit/expertise rating, (which could potentially be converted to Mastery rating elsewhere). It would leave you with 155 haste rating, which is roughly equal in value to 62 mastery rating (haste is, roughly, depending on gear levels, 40% of the value of mastery).

Looking at it this way, 259 haste rating is actually roughly the same value as 166 mastery rating after reforging it.

341 agility
259 haste (value of ~166 mastery)
173 mastery

342 agility (socketed 2 delicates for comparison purposes)
162 hit rating (162 mastery if capped by reforging hit somewhere else)
202 mastery

So with gems and proper reforges elsewhere on your gear, assuming you're hit capped before you pick up either item, Vest of the True Companion ends up better by the value of about 25 mastery if you don't match the bonus, or +45 mastery - 20 agility + 20 crit if you do match the bonus.

This only really applies if you can find room on other pieces of gear to turn hit rating into mastery, but for most gear sets, it should keep the blue better than the epic. If you -can't- turn hit rating elsewhere into mastery, the value of Dragonkiller Tunic goes up, as extra hit rating is worthless if it can't be converted to mastery somewhere on your gear in one way, shape or form... but you almost always will be able to.
Very nice. Thanks for putting in the effort for this. It will definitely be making a lot of our lives easier :)
I have been lookin (in vain) for a level 85 enh talent build... Can you post yours up?

Thanks for all the great info!


These are effectively the "required" talents for level 85. The only flexibility in these points are Improved Fire Nova, which can be placed in Improved Shields instead if you find yourself not AoEing much. Never put more than 2 points in Improved Shields, and never take points out of any talent other than Improved Fire Nova in favor of Improved Shields.

Your last 3 points can go in any of the following talents - Reverberation, Elemental Precision, a third point in Concussion, or 3 points in Spark of Life.

That's probably the build most 85 raiding Enhancers will use, but depending on how the damage and healing model feels in practice, I'm personally going to be ready to grab Spark of Life if an encounter calls for extra survivability at a roughly 1% dps loss.

EDIT - 1 point in Elemental Precision is likely higher dps than a third in Concussion if it affects ALL fire/frost/nature.. I can't say for sure one way or the other, though.

EDIT2 - I think most PvP builds are going to look something like this, depending on comp - Earthen Power and Toughness are a little redundant so there might not be any reason to take both, but I'm not really an expert on Enhancement competitive PvP. Last 3 points could go there, into Spark of Life, or Elemental Warding.
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