Gearing for Raids in Pandaria - Enhancement

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Awesome guide, will be following it once cata hits for pre-raid gearing up!
Very informative , good work.
Made a few updates, moved the Draenei BiS list up, when I know more about the random stat epic items (or if anyone can tell me any more about them) I'll update it accordingly.
One week! :D
Very very nice stuff. One of the best Pre-Raid guides I've probably ever seen. Well done.
Great Post. TY for taking the time to post this.

Vote for Sticky...

Very good guide! I am switching from Elemental to Enhancement for Cataclysm and this guide will be handy!
Great info, thanks a lot
Thanks for the support :)
This is a great guide, thanks for the hard work you put into it and some of the responses have made things pretty clear...
Thanks once again.
Keeping this where it can be the most helpful.
Bumped for inquiring minds.
Can this get a sticky.

Mucho thanks!
For anyone curious, it does appear the proc from Darkmoon Card: Hurricane is affected by our Mastery. I searched the trinket using AtlasLoot on live and here's the difference with 499 mastery rating (47% according to the tooltip.)

I really can't see anything else being better for our second trinket slot.
Hit and expertise combined, we need more total rating to cap our active abilities than anyone else.

It is now possible to link wowhead items on the forums

free bump and good luck if you decide to change all your items :D
Ashunera, amazing guild, really nice job.
Hit and expertise combined, we need more total rating to cap our active abilities than anyone else.

True, actually. Fury needs hit to the white cap, but it's not as absolutely vital after you hit the strike cap, which is 8% hit, and exactly what I said. For active abilities to land without fail, Enhancement needs more hit and expertise than anyone else. It's still a Fury's best stat after reaching the special cap, but being a few points under isn't going to be as detrimental as an Enhance being a few points under the spell hit cap.

Oh and thanks for the praise.. I'll see about making the links clickable, forums seem a little.. messed up right now. (Edit and Preview buttons are hanging over the edit box for example.)
Tossing on another sticky request, praying that maybe we'll see it happen for our guides someday.

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