Gearing for Raids in Pandaria - Enhancement

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I.. love.. you.. <3
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Made a few updates, seems BoE heroic items don't exist on live at all.

12/09/2010 9:48 AMPosted by Tenny
I.. love.. you.. <3

I love you too.
Thanks a lot for the guide! Now to pick up about 1000 more hit :/
Keeping this where most can find it easy ;)
Arrowsinger's Legguards World BoE epic
bumping this cuz its useful
12/11/2010 4:47 PMPosted by Hamfury
Arrowsinger's Legguards World BoE epic

Yep, thanks.. I'll add that in. Picked up a pair myself already.
I feel like this is a good place to ask.

What are you guys doing for wepaon enchants other than Landslide? Avalanche or Hurricane?

Landslide isn't available to me yet, so those are my two choices. I know Avalanche is affected by our mastery, and I've also been hearing reports of Hurricane have no ICD and having sometimes more than 2 procs up? Even though Haste is apparently our least wanted stat currently, still seems like that might be good?


Yes. I'm curious as well.

I was running with Berserking on my main-hand and Avalanche on my off-hand and didn't seem to do too poorly. Typically was 1-3 in DPS and Damage done as I leveled in 5-persons.

But I'm 85, ready to do heroics, and I just upgraded my main-hand and want to put the most appropriate enchant on both of them.
I haven't run the numbers or anything, but I believe the way Hurricane works is this..

It has a basic proc per minute behavior like Berserking or Mongoose, however, it also has an additional chance to proc off spells with a 45 second internal cooldown.

Quoted from Aldriana in the Cataclysm Mechanics Testing thread for Rogues on Elitist Jerks:

On physical attacks, Hurricane acts like a regular 1 PPM enchant. On spells, it is a 45 second ICD and a 15% proc rate. If a spell proc occurs while a melee proc is active, it will refresh the melee proc. If a spell proc occurs with no melee proc, it will create a separate stack of the buff, potentially resulting in 3 stacks being up at the same time.

3 stacks would be possible only if you had it on both weapons. One from each weapon's melee attacks, and one from spells.

That means it may be worth putting on the off-hand, but likely not on the main hand. Either way, though, I imagine dual Landslide will outdo it, and Avalanche is a good, cheap substitute for the time being.
Thanks Ashunera!

Also, your guide has been most helpful for this returning WoW player. Great job.
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THANKS! very good guide
very good guide (hidden bump *cough* )
Just grabbed this off a raid - - wondering how people think it stacks up against some other trinket options. Considering how much of our damage is white damage, it seems like a 25% increase proc is extremely powerful. Thoughts?
It's definitely really strong, surely better than Essence of the Cyclone and Prestor's Talisman of Machination, but I'd imagine both Darkmoon Card: Hurricane and Fluid Death edge it out.. I haven't seen any testing or know exactly how the proc works (affect Windfury? Internal cooldown?) but due to the fact that our white damage becomes less and less of our overall as we get more and more proper gear, I can't see it being "best in slot." It would probably be pretty solid paired with a trinket with an identical internal cooldown though.

This is all purely speculation.
I enjoy the post. very helpful. i just rolled enhance so it helped a lot. one weapon im using i didnt see in the craftables the The Perforator that JC's can make.

Was it worth mentioning?

I got lucky prospecting the ore and had all the blue gems.
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