Gearing for Raids in Pandaria - Enhancement

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Overall a nice thread and pretty informational, but are you raiding in that Enhance spec?
You would rather short your dps for instant Ghost Wolf? And I seen you have 3 points in the Resto tree.... You would rather do more and recieve more healing, over increasing your Fire, Frost, and Nature damage by 3% and getting spell hit equal to 100% of total spirit? I have a pretty nice spec set up if you would like to check it out. It may improve your dps alot. After maintenance I have to drop 1 point from Acuity and add 1 point to Elemental Precision.
Instant Ghost Wolf is not a dps decrease. Movement speed translates to dps in many fights that involve mobility.
"You are an amazing person."

Yea Great Job this helps ALot!
Serialkilla: Why the one point in toughness over ghost wolf? Keep in mind, any fight involving running out of something and running back in (Fire storm in baradin hold) you will see a dps INCREASE with ghost wolf. Spirit is a non issue for us too. There is no spirit on melee dps gear.
Serial, why on earth would you talent for spell hit from spirit? What gear are you getting that you have any spirit at all as enhance? It's a bad spec. A run speed increase may not be a visible damage multiplier, but the added survivability and the ability to quickly reposition on a boss is always going to come out ahead, not to mention it lets you add a dps enchant to your feet.

I would also like to point out the foolishness in you NOT taking the speed increase talent, and then glyphing your ghost wolf for an increase in speed. Please do some more research into your class/spec.
It's not a bad talent for the increased spell dmg, but taking it and saying the benefit from spirit is the reason for it, that is stupid.

Every shaman should take the GW talent imho. It's just that awesome.
Taking points out of Spark of Life would equal no more than a 1% dps increase. When healer mana is at such a premium, 15% extra healing received is very helpful on most encounters.
I was wondering what to do after 2/2 call of flames... then this occured to me while leveling:
I only FS once every 18s -at best-, usually a little longer due to the low priority of ES.
If I specced reverb I could FS every 15s.
I should use UE before FS
UE has a 15s CD.

I totally see your point on Spark, but I find that intelligent use of rage and spirit wolves tend to suffice for helping healers. In the rare occasion that they're not enough, I have no problem tossing a few MW heals around or even straight casting HS to keep people alive. Melee DPS is so absurdly high right now that it shouldn't matter to much.
Just lost Rajh's left eye (expertise trinket) to a hunter.

Posted by Daedalos
Just lost Rajh's left eye (expertise trinket) to a hunter.



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There are some changes I need to make to the BiS list I made, namely removing Maimgor's Bite and finding more out about the proc of Torment and Agony to weigh it against dual Crul'korak. I don't believe heroic Maimgor's exists, meaning it's out 110 hit rating (easily made up through reforging.. just not sure what's better yet.)
A question for Ashunera, may i provide a link to this thread via a thread inside a guild website? i wanna make sure i get any written consent or whatever before i do something bad. lol ty
Post links wherever you like :P
Very nice guide. Thank you!

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