Why Divine Storm?

Here is an honest question. If Divine Storm shares a cooldown with Crusader Strike, but has only a 40% chance to generate holy power (compared to Crusader Strike's 100% chance), why would I ever want to use Divine Storm? This applies in both PVP and PvE. Holy Power is absolutely VITAL to surviving in PVP as Ret, and in PVE I'm pretty sure it's important to hit CS whenever it's off it's cool down. Time spent swinging with Divine Storm is time spent flinging a wet noodle instead of ramping up Holy Power.

Am I missing something?
Unfortunately, it's still pretty "meh" right now. It'd be better if it actually had a 100% chance at holy power, but right now, I've yet to come up with a good reason or situation where it is better than CS.
Divine Storm is the Ret AoE ability.... you're not supposed to just AoE everything anymore. They scaled back all AoE damage spells, as well as tank AoE threat.
That's great except there's still content that requires AoE and ret is near the bottom of the barrel even after the "buff" to DS. Other classes are doing tremendous AoE DPS.
DS would not be so bad, if it was on its own cool down
Here's a solution: have Divine Purpose multiply based upon targets hit. This would guarantee a Holy Power would be generated with DS when used against three or more targets. That accomplishes what they wanted right? It would also make Holy Wrath an awesome secondary AoE attack instead of a filler.
The new Divine Storm functions great. I does 80% weapon damage to a target capping out at 10 targets. So up to 800% weapon damage from 1 button.

In pvp the emphasis is on single target dps, and aoe abilities break crowd control. So the only thing to really miss from the old divine storm is the small heal it gave in pvp.
On the flip side it is now our go too button for unstealthing rogues and ninja kitties.
DS is not working better. I ended up dropping it altogether on tonight's AoE-able trash in RS 25.
lol aoe packs I can do 12-13k dps in icc sweeeeeeet
With Seals of Command your AoE seal should be Righteousness, not Truth, Justice or Inishgt.

I havn't tried it in a Raid yet, but I suspect that coupled with the new divine storm is just fine for AoE.
It is just fine. We're hitting everything in 8 yards with 80% of our weapon damage as well as healing up to 3 party/raid members for 25% of the damage we just caused. Sounds like a deal to me, especially when we're standing right next to the tank and whatever other melee DPS is also there. This is exactly the kind of damage and damage mitigation I want in my abilities which fall into the description of a paladin.
I like it better that it doesn't use holy power, the shared CD i can live with, I'm either using aoe or I'm not. It still seems to hit weak compared to other aoe though.
It's a dps loss compared to CS in all but absolute trash situations where dps and healing don't matter anyway. And we no longer have an AoE finisher.

In it's current incarnation DS is a completely marginal ability, and unlikely to make a recommended DPS spec. Take trash packs out of the equation, and ask yourself if there is a single boss fight in ICC where you would use DS even once.

Yeah. It sucks.
Yah honestly think the change is stupid. Im actually thinking of dropping it, because trash is trash. and come cata with all the cc's and everything you have to watch what you aoe. so the change is pretty pointless... I would rather have 60% wep damage @ 20 sec cool down than this!

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