What is your RET rotation?

Skipping all the jokes and all that jazz, to be very serious with my answer... it's hard to actually give you a concrete answer about my rotation bud, there is so much RNG dependancy and chance to proc involved, that your 10second window of regular attacks often doesn't look anyhow like the previous 10seconds did...

ideally, at my current haste etc

TV&repeat, but...

with talents and mastery, it's rarely like that, chance to proc exorcism offsets this, chance that some of other moves will give you free HP charge offsets this even more, and the fact that the free Exo proc you just got, can also proc giving you another free HP charge just puts it completely out of square... not even mentioning mastery which can give you entire free TV proc on top of all the rest.

So yea, I'd say it's hard to define your practical rotation these days, sure the black&white ideal version on paper that accounts only normal procedures sounds clear and easy, but your proc rates offset everything.
the 'rotation' is:
-get 3 holy power, use inquisition.
-get 3 holy power, use TV.
-use exorcism when AoW procs, it's damage is very high with inquisition up.
-use CS as the go-to holy power builder.
-if CS is on cooldown, judgment and HW, and consecrate sometimes.
-freely substitute HoL procs for the 'get 3 holy power' step.
-if you have multiple procs up, prioritize exorcism, then inquisition, then TV.
-use HoW whenever possible, either during AW or at >20% target health. it's high crit rate and damage make it just below exorcism in damage, i believe. they are probably really close together, frankly, in terms of damage output.

so, basically if exo procs use it, if HoL procs use it for inquisition or TV as necessary, otherwise slam out TV as much as possible while building combo points to 3 with CS and DP procs. fill in holes with judgment and HW. calling this system a 'rotation' is not in fact accurate, we should just call it a combat system instead at this point. if you try and stick to a rotation of any sort you will not do well.
My current rotation is

Log on pally
log off in disgust
QQ on the forums.

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