Recipe of the Kaldorei

The level 1 allaince only quest to obtain the cooking Recipe for the Kaldorei Spider Kabob has been removed from Zarrin in Dolanar. Was this intentional?
Have you already learned Cooking? If you haven't, it'll only appear after you do.

If you have though, it's possible the quest was removed along with so many of the others, or just changed somehow (someone else gives it, or it's purchased now). I haven't heard about this one yet, or tried a new nelf toon to see for myself.
I created a NELF and learnt cooking but the quest didn't show up. Leveled the toon to level 6 checking each level if the quest appeared. Nothing. Looked around Dolanar to see if someone sells it....nope.

Looks like it is no longer available......sigh.

Need it for a higher level toon who has done the quest but I must have sold it.

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