Class mechanics change - Zealotry

Instant Cast
1 holy Power
Imbues the paladin with the power of a Zealot causing him to attack in a frenzy, hits current target one extra target
1 holy power - 75%
2 Holy power - 125%
3 Holy power - 200%

Glyph of Zealotry
Allows your Zealotry to hit 1 extra target.

A dps loss version single target, but a dps boost versus multiple targets. Since losing divine storm as a finisher, we need something in it's place. The current form of divine storm is very weak, so we need to find something to fill the gap.

This would kind of function as a cleave. The current seals of command is a pathetic waste of time spent if you're picking it up for seal of the righteous as it only hits targets for 500 damage and has such a small radius it usually doesn't hit anything at all.
Zealotry is decent now. It doesn't consume the 3 holy power when you activate it, and it's off the GCD so you can hit it in between abilities. The only thing that sucks is the insane red DISPEL ME glow you get surrounded in when you use it. I wish they'd make it the sacred shield effect instead. That graphic was badass.
I'm just tired of yet another long duration cooldown. This is a list of cooldowns we have right's frustrating. I want some more direct damage rotational options, not more minute long or two minute long cool downs to pop.

Avenging Wrath

Divine Plea

Divine Protection

Divine Shield

Gift of the Ancient Kings

Hammer of Justice

Hand of Protection

Hand of Salvation

Hand of Sacrifice

Lay on Hands



Outside of these ones we have our shorter cooldowns of


Hand of Freedom

Holy Wrath

You forgot Judgement, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm.
OP's idea is absolutely terrible. I love the way Zealotry works, it's pretty awesome right now. As far as Divine storm goes, I'd like to see it take off of the same cooldown as crusader strike, put it back the way it used to be pre patch 4.0.1 except scale it down just a tad so that it's not hitting as strong. Lets not foget that we have two new DPS abilities when we reach 85, as well as gear and stat scaling. I know it's hard but you really can't be judgemental this early in the game.

I'm going off the premise that ghostcrawler said they are considering baking zealotry into Avenging wrath because we have too many cool down buttons to press. The last thing I want is zealotry in avenging wrath. We'd be essentially losing one of our damaging cooldowns with no net gain.

We need more situational damaging abilities. We're still pretty face roll because a major component of our class is based in long duration cooldowns you just press to have a net gain effect.

I would love to have a cleave to help splash down multiple targets during boss fights. The current rendition of seals of command fails epically to do that. The current rendition of divine storm also fails epically to do that. Beta parses in raid shows overall decreases in aoe situational damage using this current form of divine storm versus the old 3 HP holy power. The whole design is flawed, but if we can turn something into a quasi-multi target ability for slightly less damage single target than TV is, then I think we have a much better ability to press.

edit: They'll never do what you're suggesting because it's been said they don't want divine storm part of our single target rotation, period. If it was on the old 10 second cooldown, it would just become a filler button we use whenever we can.
zealotry. Costs 3 holy power, does not use up current holy power. Along with Avenging wrath, this ability can not be purged, dispelled, or spell stolen.

How's that?

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