MMMmmmmm eggs n cheese =P

I just ate a full plate of eggs with cheese, diced sliced turkey, diced mushrooms and, green bell peppers that were also diced.


So what are my follow hunters eating for breakfast this morning?
pro thread! eatin some BACONNNNNNNNNNNNNN
>.> knew i forgot something =/. Could have had bacon in the mix. It was jammin but the eggs could have been slammin.

btw you on an all bacon diet or what else you got with that?
Nothing, sadly.
reheated lasagna mmmm 2 days in a row even :P
Nothing, sadly.

DF? How can you expect to pwn unsuspecting noobs in bgs without any breakfast energy to help you focus?

Coffee, and lots of it.
i guess the play on words i used with focus was too soon?
Beef pad sew, with a coke.
Or people wanted to just talk about breakfast.
Not entirely sure. Haven't had anything yet, might go to this restaurant and get beignets (sp?) and other French breakfast stuff.
I'm making 10 dozen chocolate chip toffee cookies. I think I've ate a dozen for breakfast already.

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