<A> The Dominion... LF 2 DPS for Cata

We are looking to recruit two strong, solid DPS for our guild, to initially run Cata heroics as a guild, working on the Drake achievements.

We will also host 10man Cata raids, with the possibility of recruiting for all guild 10mans.

For those of you familiar with our ICC25 GDKP runs, we will be starting a Cata 25man GDKP run as well, and our 5man guild team will be guaranteed spots in those GDKP runs.

For the 2 DPS spots, we are aiming for an Enhancement Shaman and a Hunter, but might consider a Ret Pally instead of a Shaman. Again, if you are familiar with how Drakbear and I do raids, we are picky. But we are picky for a reason, and have had excellent raid success due to being picky.

We are looking for players that know their class well, understand their class mechanics well, and expect strong play from others. We want players that are looking to have fun while being very successful, and want to play with other successful, knowledgeable, good players.

If you are someone that wishes they could be in a top raiding guild (and are good enough to actually be in one), but can't due to RL schedule or other conflicts and are looking for a good, more casual (but still hardcore minded) guild to do Heroics and Raids with, we'd like to talk to you.

Contact Drrwho or Drakbear in-game, either via mail or whisper, if interested in talking to us. We plan to fill these two DPS spots before Cata launches and want to run through a few trial runs with potential recruits before making any final decisions. We need to see how you play, if you are as good as you say you are.
Nice guild name! ;)

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