How is Thrall?

Now before you troll me, I did read your thread for transfers and I know your progression from WoW Progress :)

I've played on two active servers my WoW career, Area 52 and Stormrage so I'm used to constant activity on the server and gdkps or PuGs that cleared 8+ HM in ICC 25.

My current server is dead for horde and I've been trying to decide on a new server. I've spent some time on Thrall but I do know a lot of guilds and people may be on break or in hibernation until the 7th so I don't want to write off the server if it normally is super active etc.

Thank you!
We're vastly more polite and fun than Stormrage. I have Ally alts over there. Trade is pretty terrible. A52 is also pretty rude, now that I think on it...

PuGs did pretty well for active content, but it's a crapshoot, not everyone's PuG works. Find a guild is my recommendation. The GDKPs were plentiful and successful in varying levels of difficulty. GS is of course requested for most of the PuGs, but it's relatively simple to find one that doesn't require it. Those are usually more successful IMO, but YMMV.

Thrall is extremely active. IME, it's the most active M-F, lots of adults here (or maybe college kids) who prefer to have their weekends free. That has taken a bit to adjust to, personally. We're far from dead on the weekends, mind you, but it's even busier during the week.
Thank you for the response, that was the type of information about the server I was looking for.

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