Looking for daytime raiders

Looking for more daytime raiders. (1-7pm server) When The Cataclysm comes, we will be continuing

Do you work a graveyard shift or are just an insomniac? Do you find yourself playing WoW during the day most of the time?

We are looking for more people who would love to raid, but can only find time to do so during daytime server hours.

Quick FAQ:
Q) What are you currently raiding?
A) ICC/ToC/Uld both 10 and 25. After The Cataclysm we will begin to raid those as well.

Q) My raid times aren't exactly 1-7pm server. They start earlier or end later. Can I still raid with you?
A) The 1-7pm time is the time slot when we will be scheduling raids. My bedtime is 7pm server, but if raids want to continue past that time or start a little earlier, it's fine by me.

Q) How will loot be distributed?
A) /roll. MS will have priority over OS.

Q) Do you have vent?
A) Yes. There is a 25 man vent set up for raids.

Q) Do I have to join your guild to raid with you?
A) No, but being in the same guild makes it easier to coordinate things.

Q) I don't want to/can't raid. Can I still join your guild?
A) Sure.

Q) Can I raid on my alt?
A) Yes, but you will be held to the same standards as anyone raiding on their main.

Q) What are those standards?
A) Be respectful, be patient, and realize that if we are pugging half of the group a wipe is likely to happen. Get over it.

Q) How do you type the æ in your name?
A) That's Alt + 0230 on the number pad for those of you using PCs. I don't know the code if you are using a Mac. Sometimes I'll be on my mage Vasha. You can send either an in-game mail for more information.

Q) Is there any application process or criteria for joining?
A) Currently the raids are pulled from friends/guildies of friends/PuGs and it depends on what we need and what we are raiding. Our motto is 'Take the player, not the gear' so if you know the fights but are *slightly* undergeared, we'll work with you.

Q) How do you plan to keep this all organized?
A) Currently, there is a guild set up for daytime players. If it turns out that people are more interested in just joining the raid while staying in their guilds we will form a meta-guild to organize raids.

Q) What's a meta-guild?
A) A group of people that organize themselves for common purposes while being from separate guilds.

Q) Do you have a global channel?
A) Currently, yes. Just /join daytimeraids the next time you log in.

Q) Do you have a website I can go to for more information?
A) Not yet. I will set one up in the next couple weeks before Cataclysm and put the info here once it's ready.

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