is TV Nerfed?

Before when i had 3 holy power up TV hit for around 12000, and sometimes more. now i seem to be hitting for 7000. I re-applied my skills to be the same as before. Any help would be great!
ya, same for me. The max I've hit for for is 17k and some change, I was critting for 24k+ before.

Haste has also been effected. My CS cooldown is at 3.5 seconds even though I have 933 haste. It should be at around 3.35
not only did TV get nerfed CS and censure did so im seeing like a 2k dps decrease on the dummys
something gotta be wrong and not just with TV, seen a big dps drop too
Check your metas. I just now realized they switched the 21 Agility/3% crit damage meta to require "more blue gems than red gems". I'm sure that's accounting for a good bit of dps now. Ugh...
TV is not hitting as hard.

Zealotry eats Hand of light. (intended?)

Divine storm is illuminated while hand of light is up. This doesn't make sense.
i just changed my meta and doesnt account for the 2k dps lost
Yeah, I didn't expect it to account for the loss of a ton of DPS, BUT, it does account for a loss of some...
Ditto.... I r sad panda....
Dps loss here, too. I also saw 2 judgements miss in a row and also an Exocism....or maybe I drank too much wine. Anyway, I changed my meta to a Thundering Skyflare for Haste but haven't recouped any lost dps. And my CS also feels slower. Maybe it's the wine.

Same here, very big dps loss.
You guys aren't attacking the boss dummy are you? He's level 88 now.
Yes, don't attack the boss dummy anymore, it's geared for lvl 85 players. I went and found a lvl 80 dummy and noticed that TV isn't hitting nearly as hard as before, like a 30%ish drop in damage. Not a huge drop in DPS since Exo is hitting harder, but still... TV is weak :(
There's also a bug with Divine storm. I'm having a hard time determining what exactly is causing this... but it seems I am sometimes able to cast divine storm with 2 back-to-back globals.
i have come to the sense that they nerfed all our holy spells by 30% because at 81 we get inquisition which increases holy damage by 30%
Except for the fact that TV is physical damage, not holy damage.
anything powered off weapon damage is less as the weapons have had their damage scaling reduced.

IIRC by about 50% overall.

and the scaling starts lower.

(just a thought, may be mistaken, but worth looking at. what is your white damage?)
i just did a 10man heroic RS and notice my dps dropped about 3k.

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