is TV Nerfed?

You guys aren't attacking the boss dummy are you? He's level 88 now.

That esplains the judgement misses LOL. But it still doesn't explain the crap dps in my random heroic i was doing.
is there a official reason for all this?
i dont see how Bli$$ claims it sees a problem with ret dps and now nerfs our big 3 holy power strike...
I saw the hammer nerf incoming, simply because of bg's. I didn't read up on a nerf for TV and here it is...

i don't understand the TV nerf either. whats the point of it being an attack to build up to if it hits like a wet noodle.
Blizz does it because it can, honestly at this point I think they just like to F**K with the player base.....and no one like paladins so.... there you go :/

Also about the Meta gem, since its all change what Meta do I use? I was looking at someones armory a few posts back and he/she was useing the crit/crit dmg increase one, with I think, 3 blue gems... and that seemed to activate it, yet in the discription it says "more blues than red to activate it" sounds pretty fing vague to me.... So what meta do I use for Ret PvE and PvP now? im pretty confused, and why the dmg nerf? I didnt see anything in the patch about it?
TV is nerfed, Censure is nerfed. I didn't see a haste decrease but I know I'm at the bottom of my 10man group with shadowmourne... YAY blizzard. I feel bad for people throwing a 264 around.

Definitely was hitting for 39k with wings popped TV, now 27k. It may be a bug because I don't think Blizzard would nerf us that bad.. BUT OMG YAY EXORCISM GOT A BUFF.. its what kills bosses anyway right?

At least they fixed our Mastery bug that I had to make multiple in-game complaints and then finally a bug report on the forums. You can pretty much just hope this evens out at 85 because Blizzard won't do anything for paladins in 2 weeks...

ALSO I changed to Thundering Skyflare for my meta..
I would like it attune for 85 once cata comes out because I'm trying to get my bane title. They released the bug hotfixes and TV isn't on the list... only a Light of Dawn fix.

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