Refer-A-Friend linking issue

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My girlfriend has been wanting to get into World of Warcraft to play it, and with the discounts of the game plus expansions, I figured that this was the prime week to get her in. Plus, it's her birthday on the 29th so I figure that this will be a good present.

She and I mainly want to get to end-game relatively quickly on our new characters, so I invited her using the Refer-A-Friend link for the 100% Bonus XP. She signed up through the email, made an account, and then I upgraded her account to get WoW+BC+WotLK.

However, it looks like our accounts are not linked. My heart sunk a little discovering that I just gifted her all of the WoW content, thinking that her signing up for a account through the email invite and then upgrading would be sufficient - it seems there was something to do with a 10-day guest pass code activation first, usable when installing the game?

If there is a Blizzard representative who can help or override this and work with us on this, it would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

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