Bloodsail Buccaneers Quest Bugs

Bug Report
I decided to try and see if the proposed reputation changes with the Booty Bay guards had been implemented or not (And got thoroughly kicked in the face in the process by the level 85 - not level 82, like I hoped - guards), and along the way opted to go ahead and turn in the Bloodsail quests for the gear and FoS. I turned in "Avast Ye, Scallywag" with no issue, but I got the message "You do not meet the requirements for that quest" when trying to accept them.

The odd thing is, I'm Revered with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, which means there shouldn't be any issues with accepting the quests (though completing them near level 85 guards will be quite a problem, obviously), but I cannot talk to the NPC or otherwise accept them. There's also no notification of the quests or FoS going away with 4.0.3a's Patch Notes, so I'm fairly confident they're all still there, but they just aren't available to characters who aren't specifically neutral and/or friendly with the faction. Hopefully something that can just be tweaked on the server side so I can get back to my reputation grinds pre-cataclysm.
Bump. Still can't accept quests despite my reputation levels. C'mon Blizz, I can't fly or traverse neutral cities as is, at least lessen my pain by letting my wear my sweet pirate hat.
I'm having the same problem. I'm exactly what you're supposed to be to receive the quest - at least friendly (I am honored) with Bloodsail, and hated with Booty Bay. I received the same message and have put in a ticket.
Same issue.... I hit friendly and it said I did not meet requirements. One odd thing - I got the bread crumb quest from "Good Boy" Bruce a new Worgen NPC instead of Duncan like it was. I tried going back down to neutral to see if I could get the clothing quest but no luck.

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