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Leveling a shadow priest with my gf who is a war. Need a DD spec if anyone could help me out please. And any advice as to a rotation. I can't post on her yet as she's not showing up yet since i just created her. She is a Gnome priest. YAY!! lol. Any other advice as to leveling would be nice as well. Mainly just looking for a spec and rotation for DDIng. Ty in advance. Salutations!!!
Spec, wise, take damage enhancing stuff and get to Shadow Form as soon as you can - this gives you a boost to damage done and damage mitigation, which are handy levelling. You'll wind up with something like

You'll want to fill in twisted faith and harnessed shadows next, so that you can pick up Vampiric Embrace, then Vampiric Touch. Though Vamp. Embrace just got nerfed a bit, it will still help avoid downtime.

Pick up Glyph of Spirit Tap when you can - this will help with mana issues.

Always keep Fortitude, Inner Fire, Vamp. Embrace (when available) up.

The rotation is: DoT 'em up (I usually use SW: Pain and one of Devouring Plague or Vamp. Touch - I prefer VT because of the mana kick-back), Mind Blast, then Fill with Mind Flay. Shadow Orbs seem to be working better (at the very least they're documented better now so that I understand that I don't need mastery to take advantage) so you might want to mind flay to build up orbs, then mind blast at two or three orbs (you'll be killing stuff too quick to go to 3, frankly). use SW: Death as an execute - this and the Spirit Tap glyph will make a lot of mob kills nearly mana-neutral.

Another consideration in your rotation when questing with someone is that the mobs are going to be going down faster - it might not make sense to DoT them like I have been solo. If your warrior gf can gather up a few and tank, it might make more sense to put one dot on each, then MF/MB the one she's focusing on. See assist focus macros for a helper there.

Note that casting a heal drops you out of shadow, but you can use PW: Shield - if you or she starts taking damage, throwing a shield on should get you through most of the trash fights you run into questing.

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