Holy Shock was nerfed?

Definitely not needed at all. It's now a worthless heal, the only reason we'll be using it every cooldown is to get HoPo to use WoG which is a much better heal. The nerf to Blessed Life and Protector of the Innocent was enough to balance Holy in PvP but blizzard decided to completely destroy holy pvp.
Got to love the ninja nerfs perhaps given time and the devs see the damage they have done they might reconsider giving back some of our healing powers till then stay clear of healing friends.

Sorry but with crap CRIT your Holy Shock was crap for you for good reason. With high Crit I was getting 18k Holy Shock heals with a occasional 20k.

Since when does Crit rating affect crit amount? Oh wait it doesn't.
I read a blog by Ghostcrawler yesterday about hating on healers and how blizzard isn't taking part in that....kinda seems like they hate holy paladins. what I saw on another site was that Holy Shock was going to be nerfed by 33% this seems more like 45-50%. Holy shock really does seem like it is only good for adding Holy Power now. Pretty sure It's almost every Holy paladin's favorite spell, so I really see this change being a turnoff for the community, and from what I have read in this thread I am Right....besides that DK guy lol.
Are you guys sure you aren't talking about protector of the innocent.

Yes, I'm sure.
Yes, it got nerfed by 30%, but my god, the new Light of Dawn is flipping AMAZING

And to all the mastery haters, trust me, you better love it now.

As for PVP feeling, we were TOO OP, just face it that we are now easier to kill...

80 doesn't matter as 85 is fun as a pali.

Yeah honestly after doing some BGs with my warrior friend who's mostly in relentless gear because he only played at the end of the wrathful season, we cleaned up, and as long as we were working together I could keep us alive even with 5 horde attacking. So the nerfs aren't TOO bad, though I really miss actually being able to heal with holy shock.
Nerf is a nerf. Welcome to the roller coaster. For those of you who were not present for 3.0 (or those that can't remember), enjoy the ride, it will not be short lived. Remember, the experience is even more enjoyable if you put your arms in the air and scream at the top of your lungs. No really, try it.
I do not believe HS needed the nerf. Yes PotI and BL needed nerfing. These 2 things made us unkillable. HS is instant but it also comes with a 6 sec cd. The cd is why HS should be able to heal for more than what it does.

I will say it was fun while it lasted. Basically do a HS to generate HP so you would get HS 10k heal, PotI heal for around 4k, WOG (1 stack) 3k, and another PotI 4k heal. So in 2 globals I healed over 21k, and nothing but a silence or stun could stop me.
When 4.0.1 first opened, I had amazing heals.
BEFORE the nerf:
FoL = 17k
Divine Light = 27-32k
HS = 10-11k

FoL = 13-14k
Divine Light = 22-24k
HS = 6k-9k

That just seems really crappy to me. I don't like it at all. Maybe they could've just nerfed the damage of holy shock and not messed with the
healing part.
The nerf really hurts in the low levels. Holy shock healing for a little less than 500 on targets with 3-4k health blow.
The nerf to holy shock seems abit much. It should've been more like 10-15% (Riptide heals for like 1.75 the amount of holy shock now and has a HoT mechanic.)
The real problem with paladins was delt with. That being protector of the innocent proccing on self heals and blessed life happening every 2secs.

I hope blizzard reverts this change or decreases the nerf.
It it wasn't for the HP generation HS would not be on my action bar... it's useless other wise.
My holy shock crits are healing for 30k now instead of 60k

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