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Guild Recruitment
As the game changes with the coming of Cataclytsm, so must guilds. Disconnected is currently going through this change!
We fully intend to utilize the brand new Guild Leveling & Guild Perk system to the fullest! But before we can do that, we need you! Yes, you! We are happy to announce that we are finally recruiting for our new ranks!

What we are looking for:

• We are looking to bring in some talent for the new raiding content! We want players who will strive to help us in the race for server firsts, killing hardmode content, and getting every PvE achievement possible.
This is limited to people who want and KNOW how to maximize their character, always look for new and better play styles, and can hold their own in a raid against 2 other people competing for the same spot as them.
This is not a guaranteed raid spot for cataclysm. Currently we are not raiding, but you will be trialed in other ways. You will be expected to level to 85 just like the rest of the guild, you will be expected to grind heroics for gear, run 10mans, and eventually you will have to earn your raid spot just like our current raiders. If you do not make the cut you will be offered guild friend status, permitting you were not asked to leave for reasons other than raid performance.

We currently hold many of the server firsts at the Skywall realm and are always looking for good players to help us maintain server #1 status.
-->Our raid times are: Tue - Wed - Thu - Sun - 6-10 Server Time (PST) <--

*Disconnected is a 25man raiding guild. We are looking for players who intend to raid 25man content (without having to be carried). We are not looking for 10man raiders at this time.*

• We are looking for serious PVPers, and by serious… I mean anyone who will be a diehard competitor in rated bgs, the push for gladiator, and any pvp achievements both personal & guild.
These players must be compelled to be THE BEST. They will invest 90% of their time on wow into pushing to be the best in our battlegroup.
They will not to be permitted to join our main 25man raids, but they can feel free to join any other 25mans/our 10mans or feel free to start their own.

• Another new exciting addition to our ranks is the Achiever (Achievement Junkie)! We feel it would be a great benefit to the guild to bring people in who have VERY high achievement points. This is offer is only for people who push to get every achievement possible! The players who loves mounts, pets, tabards, reps, titles, quests; that is who we want for this rank.
At this time we do not have a current number for the cataclysm achievement points, however we are interesting in players that currently have9k(and still earning) or 10k+ right now.
Also, we look at hard to do tasks like “Insane in the membrane”, “Loremaster”, 100 mounts, etc etc.

*Even though feats of strength do not contribute to your achievement points, you can still feel free to mention them on your application.*

We hope to see the applications start popping up in the next few months. If you have any questions please get a hold of Stacey, Winkz, Bloodyribs, or Refurbished!
To apply visit: http://www.skywalldisco.com
*For any website related issues please contact Zoh.*

Please remember, while these ranks are new and appealing to people that have wanted to be in disconnected for quite some – while tagged under the name of Disconnected you are a representative of our guild.
We have a ZERO tolerance for drama, rudeness, stupidity, etc.
Update: We are recruiting every class but moonkin; despite what our website says.
Tanks are in VERY High demand currently.
Holy Priests, Resto Shamans, and Resto Druids are also in High Demand!

Please apply on the website: http://www.skywalldisco.com/

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