From hero to zero

Death Knight
DK tanking has been progressively getting from bad to worse, first we took a huge hit in threat gen, and now survivability goes down the drain as well.

Sure, its all balanced at 85, but it sure took all the fun out at this point of the game.
Even my 6.1k Prot pally tanks better than my 6.4k DK. sigh.
Just some QQ. Nothing going on. Please move on.
I'm hardly an expert, but I felt a little overpowered before. Survivability went down, but threat gen became a lot less spiky and RNG-dependent. I have to depend on my healer more, and space out my cooldowns properly while juggling blood shields. I actually like it.

No way would I trade my on-demand Rune Strike and 20% faster rune gen in improved Blood Presence to get my old heals back. No way in hell.

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