Highest Crits pre 4.0.3 shattering patch

As the topic says post your highest crits

202k AB on twins in togc
199k AB crit on queen
113k AB crit on lk
They won't nerf us, because they don't care about 80 anymore, and rightfully so.

That said, I got a 77k deep freeze in a 5 man. Someone in 277 ought to break 100k easily.
Stop posting stuff like this unless you want them to notice and nerf us, and stop two shotting warriors in bgs

I was referring to pve numbers, that's jsut a highest single crit you've seen, it means nothing towards overall dps and it was before patch. To blizz those numbers dont really mean anything, thought it would be fun for otehrs to share their top crits. Surely someone geared enough reach 250-300k crit at some point given the right situatuin.

And I didnt go to BGs since 4.0 to avoid flood of QQ posts how they got one shot by pve geared toon when they had low resillience themselves to begin with

223k BQL

and i cant remember the rest
90k Deep Freeze hit on LK

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