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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Yeah, I know the title isn't really appropriate however I believe it's relevant.

So, here's the deal. I'm currently seeking a new Guild which is open for a Tank DK who is willing to go DPS if required etc.

This Character is not my main, however I am looking to re-roll my main class to DK for the upcoming Expansion and my previous guild raids at different times and are now on a different server.

I am an Australian player, Perth time (+8 GMT) and I am looking for a guild that starts raiding around 6 - 7 (9 - 10 Server time).

Anyone able to list some currently recruiting guilds or any guild recruiters able to link me to their websites that are willing to take me in?

Previous raiding experience:

10/12 H ICC - This is where I quit WoW due to Work time and Raiding time clashing
4/5 H ToC

5/9 BT - This is where I quit WoW the first time due to Studies
4/4 TK
6/6 SSC


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