Divine Storm

FOK doesn't share a CD with Sinister Striker IIRC.

rogues aren't CD driven

they're energy driven
In it's current incarnation, divine storm is our AoE attack for when there are five or more mobs in melée range (four or less and crusader strike with seal of righteousness remains preferable). So DS has a niche, just a very small one. Whether or not you think it is worth speccing into an ability that is only useful on trash is your call. I kept it on my pve spec, mostly for soloing, but ditched it off my pvp spec. It's in a sad state for an iconic ability, so it'll probably be changed again.
only useful on trash.

cuz no boss encounters include AoE like at all
Sad state is putting nicely..

it's not part of the single target rotation, it's not even part of the small group rotation. It's the heart of the AoE rotation

Deal with it.
I don't mind the changes to DS too much. It makes sense that it doesn't give one holy power because you aren't using DS for single target. If it gives you a HP from divine purpose proc then that's nice, but it isn't necessary to 100% of the time generate a HP.

What I want to know is why they changed the sound of DS. To me it just doesn't seem as cool as it did before and now sounds like a wimpy ability. Maybe it's just me, I always liked using DS cause it sounded cool and made it a more fun talent to use.

only useful on trash.

cuz no boss encounters include AoE like at all

Well I'm probably just responding to a troll, but please, by all means enlighten us. Explain the many, many boss encounters where you would use the current incarnation of DS.

Let's see...in ICC...there's none.




Wait, I know. The whelps in Onyxia. Thank god we have an ability that will give us a small DPS boost in the whelps phase of Onyxia.
This forum is getting better and better every day.
Just think of it as Fan of Knives.

And yes, just like rogues, we don't have a multi-target finisher.

Plus, who was really using Divine Storm in bosses fights? Now at least you can use it for trash without waiting a long time. You don't really need Holy Power in most AoE situations.

FOK doesn't share a CD with Sinister Striker IIRC.

if a rogue is in a aoe situation where it is beneficial to use FoK then he most certainly wouldnt be using SS at all.
Is it just me or does Sinister Striker sound bad ass?

Its like a DBZ finisher


Might I suggest choking babies??? Probably not huh? Bliz kinda frowns on that type of thing.

What about choking me? I kinda like it! errrr... too personal? yeah, I'll go sit in my dark shed again.
It should have a 40% chance to generate a HP per enemy it hits.

So with a pack of 4 it should calculate 4 chances to generate HP for them. Not just once.
Ds should give 100% chance to give a hp and not share cd whit Cs.

p.s and it wouldnt even be Op at all

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