DC and kicked - supposed to give Dungeon CD?

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So am I supposed to get a dungeon cooldown if I DC in an instance and log back in to find myself no longer in the group?

If so, could you point me to how long the CD is, like a debuff or timer or something? You know, like the Deserter debuff (if it's still there).

4.0.3 seems to have really killed my ability to stay connected, but I'm sure it's nothing to do with Blizzard, and everything to do with my connection (which hasn't changed since Monday)and my PC (which hasn't change since Monday)...
Once you enter a dungeon group you cannot queue for another one for (I think) 15 minutes under any circumstances. So if the DC and kick happened less than 15 minutes after you entered the dungeon then you would have to wait for the CD in order to queue again. This happened to me the other day (DC'ed, by the time I got back in I had been kicked, had to wait to queue again).

I believe the purpose of that CD is to discourage people from trying to farm specific instances by queuing random over and over until you get the one you want.

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