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Total download remaining: 786.4 KB (759KB/s)

So... How am I not done after 3 hours?
When using the launcher to download, does a box with a yellow triangle pop up with a (!) in it? It should give you an error message if it stuck or something. Also, how are you downloading? Wireless, wired, at a school/work/public network?
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Wait I mean, take a moment to let me know how I am doing.
Normally, yes, a box comes up and yells at me about the firewall. This, for whatever reason, hasn't been happening today, though.

I am wired, on an 11MB school network. I tried downloading from the mirror, but it says it can not be installed as I already am on that version.

So.. If I'm on that version, WTF is it trying to download? lol
I should also mention, the Launcher lets me open the game, log in and pick a character, but the loading screen never lets me in game. It just freezes and makes me force quit.
I had the same issue. It sat there for over 12 hours, continuing to download at up to 1MB/sec. Downloaded over 20GB of data.

When trying to run the game at this point, World of just bounced a few times in the dock then quit without any error message.

Decided this morning that I should give up and reinstall, so downloaded the installer and let that ran. It installed fine, but then the Launcher restarted and started installing a tools update and did the same thing, stuck at 22MB /23MB downloaded then not getting that last MB, but continuing to download at up to 1MB/sec

Would love some help on this, my next thought is just leaving the game alone till I get a disc with Cataclysm that will hopefully install the game fully.

Edit: Just opened it up at a different location and managed to download the last little bit. But it said it was 1.6MB rather than 786KB like it had been saying.

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