Nerfs? Beard up and stop crying.

Guys. Guys.


Can you just wait 2 weeks? Why all of the "sky is falling" posts? From everything I have heard from beta warriors, we are in pretty damned good shape at 85. Things are screwy right now because they had to shift the balance with level 85 in mind.

We will be fine. The cata changes gave blizz many knobs to turn to fine tune classes for balance. If we are underpowered at 85, they will adjust us to be stronger. Fact is, we were doing SILLY damage before the patch. So don't worry, sack up, and have fun.

Here is a list of things you can do in the two weeks prior to Cata instead of crying about nerfs:

Get a head start on cooking awards by doing the new daily every day.

Go check out some of the new design of old zones.

Get your pilgrim title and pet.

Level an alt.

Farm old mats in preparation for people wishing to power level professions for worgen rerolls when cata is released.

Clean out your bank/bags in preparation for the leveling process.

Farm heroics to cap JP.

Farm bgs to cap Honor.

Play Minecraft.

Stand around in a capital and stroke your epic beard.

And many many more...

Just please stop all of the whining and remember that it is a game.

Non whiners feel free to add any other things that can be done in the two weeks prior to cata rather than blubbering like little babies.


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