[A] Reforged recruiting for 10m Cata guild

Reforged is looking for players of all classes atm, with a priority on:

1 Tank

Reforged goal is to run weekly 10m raids with a set groups. Alts are welcome, as are people just wanting the social guild community to help with guild leveling.

Raiders must be able to attend 90% of weekly raids (Raid day's TBA)
"No @@@## / QQ" policy in place.
Will remain in a two week Initiate status as a probationary period
Know your class
have access to guild website for guild info and updates

Reforged is made up of chill people with a strong desire to raid and achieve end game content in Cataclysm. Focus will be on 10m raiding content. Guild bank takes care of raiding expenses, officer incentive's, and "hard core" raider monthly incentive for raid status member.

Rated BG group's are being formed and incentive program in place for this group as well.

Please contact myself for Kainan for any further questions via wow-mail or whispers.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon!
At what times is your guild the most active? What day/time do you intend on raiding? (Even if you're not certain an estimate would be fine.)
Previously we were raiding Sunday's mid afternoon and one or 2 nights during the week days. Tuesdays seemed to work well for VoA's and weeklys.

something similar will probably be the case, though attendees input is always welcome.

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