I think we're fine.

No, this is not a loltroll post or anything of the sort. I spent a few hours in battlegrounds last night, and I feel pretty damn good. Yes, we got some hard nerfs, but so did most people. With the change to our Dispell we can stay on people pretty easily, keep the pressure on. TV hits like a wet noodle but I am sure that is a bug currently, or at least will even out at 85. It seems like WoG was buffed, so that made up for the PoI nerf without taking the talents, I spec'd into Divinity and eternal glory, and it takes 3-4 horde to take me out usually.

A good mage will destroy me, though. I mean I can stay on him, but it's just too much damage and a well placed silence and I am out of the game. I do feel like I do better against them, though, than I did before (Re: Surviving). My only real problem at the moment is damage. I can top the damage charts fairly often, BUT that is not what matters. My killing power is not there, I can stay alive while doing damage, so it stacks up, but killing anything takes a lot of time and lucky procs.

Where I used to plink people down with Crusader strike, now I hope for Exorcism procs. I still focus defensively on WoG, but when I do when, it's usually a Stun / CS / TV / TV / Exo combo when I have my procs up.
See... this type of civil discussion is why we can have nice things!
No offense, OP, but I really, REALLY hate it when people say something is 'fine', whether it's people such as the OP, the pally hating trolls or whatever.

And it's not just exclusive to WoW. Saying something is just 'fine' has gotten so impotent, that I feel it's becoming nothing more than a front to say that things are NOT fine in a passive-aggressive way, considering very few things remain constant nowadays.

I did not say we were fine, I said "I think" we are fine, as in, that is my opinion. Each of us are entitled to our own, whether it be good or bad.
It is my opinion that your opinion on us being fine is fine.
It is my opinion that your opinion on us being fine is fine.

I think we need a group hug.
I speced out of new poopy WoG+10% talent, got me that shiny sheild proc talent and feel great. I am prot & holy though.

15s baseline AS. 3 HP on 2m cooldown is like getting a mini version of what you Rets get.

I am pretty darn happy with the state of palys in PvP. I did think the WoG required that awesomeness to be viable. I think it is pretty much not worth it at all now.
I have both a Paladin and a Hunter, and yeah I agree. But then again, my hunter was just an attempt to try out "Range" combat. I was not pleased, I like being in the thick of things.

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