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I've come across a few things that aren't... the same since the patch. And no, not the obvious stuff like the decimation of the Stormwind Park or the fact that the Forsaken seemed to have taken over... nearly everything that they can get their bony little hands on.

So, if you've noticed any changes that upset, mildly frustrates or simply gives you pause, toss a post here.

Here are mine:

1. I was 2823/3000 for 'The Seeker' achievement on Monday. I am now 1843/3000 for the same achievement. Honestly, Blizz? Was that completely necessary? I knew that I would be losing 'some' quests which were no longer viable with the world changes, but you stripped nearly 1000 quests from me. Reset my 'Loremaster of Kalimdor' all you want, I'm fine redoing most of that. But taking 1000 quests? Say it ain't so.

2. 'Keymaster' achievement. Gone. And unlike most times when Blizz changes a mechanic like that and moves the previous achievement to a Feat of Strenth, this one is just pain GONE. Wow.
Yeah, I'm an idiot. I was about 10 quests away from being 1500 quests, and I'm back down to 1083. I had no idea that the quests would drop that low, either.
I'm enjoying that the title reward for 45 Exalted reps is the same as for 40 Exalted reps. What, do they put it in ALL CAPS for 45?
There was a blue post several days beforehand saying that quests were going to disappear and that if you were close to loremaster then you'd better get your butt moving. It does suck, but on the plus side a great many of the changed quests are lowbie chains that will be easily completed.

That said, please please please don't be like the @%*!@*% 80s that are killing all the mobs for quests needed by people that are doing them at level to progress further into a zone. Being stuck at those chokepoints for two hours because 80s are having a laugh is not in the least bit fun.
I found it a bit funny that they reduced the amount of exp needed to get to80...the total exp that you now need is 1337000...aka "Leet"thousand exp. Way to go Blizzard >.>

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