Patch 4.0.3a - Issues and Updates

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Greetings all,

4.0.3a, better known as the Shattering!, is here!

With the great changes that have been wrought to our fine lands there are bound to be issues that crop up. In this post we hope to provide updates and news regarding some of the major and minor issues that players are reporting.

Character Disconnections

Shortly after the realms became live we received many reports of player disconnections. Many of these seems to have been caused by their client not being fully updated. If you are disconnecting please try closing down the game and rebooting using the Launcher.exe program located in your Worldofwarcraft directory.

If you continue to experience an issue and this does not resolve it please visit our Technical Support forum for further troubleshooting steps.
Boats and Zeppelins are Pink Boxes!

Much like character disconnections the majority of the issues with Boats and Zeppelins appearing as pink boxes can be resolved by closing down the client and rebooting using the Launcher.exe program.

If you continue to experience graphic anomalies try updating your graphic drives and visit our Technical Support forum.

Tabards not granting reputation.


Update posted by Lylirra:

For a period of time after patch 4.0.3a launched, Wrath of the Lich King dungeons did not provide reputation gains if a new faction tabard was worn. This was hotfixed, however, shortly after Sapperwix's post on November 24:

After speaking with our designers further (as promised earlier in this thread) and reexamining how our hotfix was applied together, Inushi was indeed correct and new faction tabards will only provide reputation gains for the championed city in Northrend if the dungeon is Heroic or otherwise level 80. This is how the current tabard system works for Wrath of the Lich King, but we may consider revising the system to include all dungeons, regardless of level, in a future patch.

Originally posted by Zarhym:

This is a bug we will be hotfixing in the very near future. The city tabards should currently work in old Azeroth dungeons (as well as Cataclysm 80-85 dungeons when the expansion is released). The hotfix will make it so these tabards work for Heroic and normal Northrend dungeons, however, there are no plans as of yet to apply this change to Outland dungeons.


We have received reports that the new tabards introduced with this patch are not currently granting the associated reputations. It appears that the tabard may only be intended to grant reputation in old world dungeons.

There is also a reported issue where the tabard does seem to be blocking other reputation gain in non old world dungeons, both issues are currently under investigation and we will provide what updates we can as soon as new information is available.
Engineering Change

As some engineers may have noticed there were a few changes to some engineering enchantments namely the Nitro Boost enchantment.

This is an intended change but unfortunately does not appear to have made it into the patch notes. We apologize for what confusion this caused.
Missing Achievement points

Some of you may have noticed that your overall achievement total seems to have gone done with this patch. This is due to the fact that several Achievements have been converted into Feats of Strength.

As Feats of Strength do not award Achievement points this is an intended change.
Troll flight form

Trolls are currently using the Tauren flight form. This is intended.
Removing items from mail can cause disconnections


Sorry for the late update, this issue should be resolved.


We are currently investigating reports that players are disconnecting when pulling some items from the mailbox. It appears this is involving several items that have been removed from the game, specifically Bijou's and coins from Zul'Gurub.
Cooking awards achievement reset to 0

This achievement has gone under some revision - the previous achievement for Dalaran Cooking awards is no longer available. The 'reset' is because all new cooking awards, earned from either Dalaran, Stormwind, or Orgrimmar, count toward this new achievement.

This is an intended change but unfortunately does not appear to have made it into the patch notes. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
Battle of Darrowshire

We are aware of the reported issues with the Battle of Darrowshire not properly resetting. This is currently under investigation.
Dungeon Quest Experience

There was a recent change to the amount of Dungeon Quest experience being granted in 1-60 dungeons for Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms which was applied today (11/30/2010).

More information on this change can be found in the following post.

There has also been some confusion in conjunction with the Recruit a Friend system. Prior to this change players could receive around 30-40k experience with their RaF bonus. This now averages around 10-20k. Though you are receiving less experience for these particular quests you are receiving the appropriate bonuses granted under the Recruit a Friend system.

There may be some issues surrounding this that cause an incorrect amount of experience to be displayed in your quest log. We apologize for any confusion that was caused by this update.

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