Redeemed LF Resto Druid for Cata 10 Man

Guild Recruitment
Redeemed is a Horde 10 man hardcore progression guild on Kirin Tor PVERP CST.

Focus - We are dedicated to being one of the best raiding guilds on the Kirin Tor. To that end we will invite only the most qualified players to be part of our core raiders. All applicants will be thoughtfully considered, some will be interviewed, a few invited to a trial membership in the guild. We place a strong emphasis on progression and completing the most difficult tier of content quickly and efficiently.

What you can expect from us - In Redeemed you can expect your fellow raiders to be some of the most competitive and skilled players on the server. Therefore we do not carry scrubs or weak players. Our raid spots are competitive and we will accept only the best from all our raiders. You can expect that we will provide everything you need to succeed including gear enhancements and consumables as well as guidance and direction when required. You can expect a hardcore team of raiders who like to have fun while raiding. We like our raids to be relaxed, will populate the core team with raiders who get along and will have no problem replacing anyone who's attitude conflicts with the majority of core raiders.

What we expect from you - We expect you to come to every fight with the knowledge and focus to contribute to every raid at the highest level. We expect you to learn quickly from your mistakes; we all make them so what can we learn from them. We expect you to be able to take criticism and give helpful advice when it is required. We expect you to step up and know how your mistake affected the raid. But most importantly we expect you to show up for every raid on time. We raid Monday - Thursday 7pm to 11pm server. Raid attendance is mandatory and frequent absences will result in a loss of raider status. While we raid at 7:00 pm it is to your benefit to be on server and ready to go at 6:45 pm.

About us - Our officers and core raiders are skilled players with a vast amount of experience including endgame PvE, PvP, and old content. We are like minded players who formed Redeemed to achieve a collective focus and to do so with a great group of people. Although we raid 4 nights a week our members are very active and are on frequently outside of raid times. One of our secondary focuses for Cataclysm is endgame PvP and we will be running organized battlegrounds on off nights. We have a mature guild environment with a very active Ventrilo server to the point that guild chat is almost irrelevant. We are looking for raiders who can raid at a high level but also enjoy a close knit environment. If this sounds like what you are looking for please fill out an application by visiting our website or talking to any of our officers (Avarri, Xiaoge, Nazzt, Pyreangel, Prestatyn, or Mechelinefai) in game.
It seems that I forgot to mention that we are currently looking for an exceptional healer to fill a core raid spot. Our idea class would be a Resto Druid, however we are also considering exceptional resto shamans and holy priests
We would like to fill our roster before the launch of cataclysm so please get your apps in soon

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