@ Prot Warriors in Cata Beta

How does our threat scale from 80 to 85?

Does it get any better? The reason I ask, as today, since the shattering, I'm finding that I'm barely holding threat against our top dps.

Was fine pre patch.
It would seem DPS are going to have to learn to control themselves. Rotations be damned.

nobody is in the beta anymore.
The end of the Cata beta disappointed me. =(
i didn't play on the beta for a long time. it was always hard to play after the initial few days. being capped just sucked :(

it really just sucked all the fun out of the beta for me even when everything else was made available.
Meh, I enjoyed it. I hear where you're coming from, though. That happened to me during the Wrath beta at a certain point, and it almost happened for the Cata beta.

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