Moving the quest objectives tracker?

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05/14/2012 11:49 PMPosted by Bõb
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Who would do such a thing?
Well the new version of SexyMap doesn't have this feature anymore. Author stated it was getting annoying cause it was conflicting with other mover addons and really didn't belong in sexymap anyway.

So I'd suggest going with:

This is why necros are bad :) Stuff doesn't apply anymore.
Thanks everyone! You solved my problem too. I use Chinchilla and finally found the setting to move the tracker.
i used curse sexy map and now quest log is stuck in middle and I can't move it
If you are using MoveAnything for moving Quests Objectives left to right. Type /Move ObjectiveTrackerFrame
it will then create a custom frame in MoveAnything
Thank you..worked perfectly :)
OMG thank u
This was my life saver! you made my day! Thank you!
I went to Interface -> Addons -> Sexy Map -> Reset Current Profile. That fixed it for me.
As of this date Sexymap still works great for that fix. Just click to mover

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