Ret PvP

..."to the ground"?

Ret PvP before the patch consisted of grabbing tier 1 Holy and Prot talents (Protector of the Innocent/Eternal Glory) and abusing Word of Glory till you poked your victim to death....

Now that the holy talent was nerfed to not include self heals... Ret PvP is dead.

Before it was survive till they died, or went oom.... now its just die..

Bring back Art of War imo.

Don't forget that our "poking them to death" abilities were also nerfed.

Good times.
Honestly, I just wish Blizzard would state plainly whether they want Ret to be viable in PvP or not. I suspect they don't, and admitting it outright would free them from having to maintain the pretense. With all the free time, and room in the tree, maybe they could optimize Ret for PvE.
So I came to the forum wondering how to spec my ret... And I'm like, wow, we're really useless now. The healing procs made my ret feel paladinish as we could survive and beat something up eventually... Nice and lore like.

Now it's nothing. I also note they left HoW available during AW, I mean come on, that's just lame. Can't they just fix our other fillers, judgement etc?? Rather than this super killing mode for 20 secs on the back of AW, and then, dead.

Handily, they nerfed the hell out of warlocks too!! Oh happy days.
Sadly tho locks still hit hard D:

I only have a chance against demo by fear-bombing the pet and using out 2 minute kill button... err wings to hold half a chance :p

Oh and my 1% spell reflect :) Reflecting a 6k Incinerate back is the only way to win if their half decent.

I miss actually doing damage. A DS hitting for 1300 on lvl 7X mobs in northren is pathetic...
With all the different types of changes and abilities there giving all other classes they completely take out all the things that makes ret pvp viable.

They have taken away our dispel. They gave us back a cleanse that takes us out of roots.... yeh thanx blizz. We can no longer hand of freedom out of stuns. No more instant heal from art of war. Sure you give us word of glory which is crap however we cant use our main ability in order to use it. And then you have to nerf it even more. And to top all that off, No more sacred shield which was our main source of survivability.

Iv been a Ret for the past 5 years give or take. I played it through the bad. And you give us a minor taste of the good life in Wotlk, again I say minor then you nerf us to the ground.

Please blizz fix us, I would be happy if u just gave us back our hand of freedom out of a stun or even a dispel. But with all the changes youv made to other classes that improved them. You took out our main pvp abilities. Hell even shadow priests got to keep their dispel.

To sum it up. Stop hating on Rets, you talk about attempting to balance this game and yet you still show favortism. Give us back what we deserve.

Idk anymore myself. I mean, Id like to go Ret again since some things have been changed. Its not as bad as it used to be in BC..... Idk what they (the devs) are doing and I suspect they either dont know or dont care.

Im pretty ticked off about the Meta gem change, what do i use now for PvP and PvE for Ret? I saw someone using the crit/spell reflect one, is that good for pvp now? what about PvE? do i need to *gag* use purple gems for PvE?
Obviously, Blizzard needs a Dev who understands what a Paladin is supposed to be. I mean come on. I can be seduced by demons, made to flee in terror, be mind controlled, my healing silenced (we're not spellcasters in that way, folks) and my deity's protection negated by a WARRIOR?? ROFL. And none of that even touches on the real issues that make us non-viable in PvP. Time to get over the old vanilla prejudices and make the game FAIR for Paladins again. Give us REAL JUSTICE...not just useless abilities named for it.

Oh, and fire the chimps. Baboons do a much better job & work cheaper too. Plus they don't fling all this poo! If there's a job opening in Development, let me know! I'll show you how it's done. Please contact the email address associated with this account.
I don't know guys, I'm digging the Cleanse + Holy Dash. We seem to do respectable damage, especially at 85 from the videos I've seen.

I've been in a few battlegrounds, and Word of Glory has not only saved my life, but the lives of my teammates numerous times.

I agree dispels are a problem, but I don't run into the issue as often as one would expect.
Digging the cleanse? The holy dash? I think our silly sprint is the only + we've gotten for PvP...

Its such a joke right now... PvP consists of sprinting at them, using lolstrike, then kiting till i can do it again?

If you stand on them, you sit around for 4 seconds? I thought it was bad before 4.0 when you had a second or two inbetween where everything was on cooldown... but to have 2 main attacks??? ...and dont even talk to me about TV either. If you decide to wait and build up your 3 lolstrikes to TV instead of healing.... you die. If you try and heal (now) you die. SO much fun.

The cleanse should be back to how it was before, not just ridding of roots/slow/curse of exhaustion. We now bring nothing to the battle field but OP FoL's and 30k HL's....

Ps. Bring back bubble hearth...

I just miss sacred shield+art of war hot and auto crit FoL synergy and the fact that healing CAME from DOING damage not costing damage. Ret had it made really. Now it's just silly RNG and paper towel damage.

Everything we have now is so cost inefficient. Either we TV for a 3k or WoG for a 9k. But we take more damage than that while we poke until one of us dies.

My pressure is so bad during 4.0.3a now all people do is spam dispels only because they can. Ret is so garb. Losing faith in blizz.
We may be complaining silly troll rouge, but your class is still the one i can sh*t on right now ;)
i wish they change our spells and add old one
- sacred shield:that could absorb a bit of dmg
-the old fredom that remove us out of stun
divine storm that doesent share cd whit Cs , since its our only aoe ability (cuz imo Hw is lame)
want judg to actually do dmg , that thing sometime hit for 1k whit seal dmg for 500 its BAD
And Tv is so long to use at least if it did dmg like 3 hp for 225% of weapon dmg so unfair when you look at Dks obliterate that they can spam and does 280%wep dmg + *SOME DMG*+*some dmg per diseases*
like all the classes has and O *#%* hes about to :
Lava burst
Chaost bolt
star fire/star surge
arcane blast/frostbolt in a deep freze
ambush whit shadow dance
mind blast whit the insta shadow ward death
and us to burst we need wingz and even whit it the burst is lame and i get dispel /spell stolen , now if i dont get all those yelllow lucky procs ... i cant do crap rotation goes like:
CS -1hp
Judg-no luck
Hw-no luck
waiting for cd.....
low healt
Wog -20k heal
rince until you die

before the patch they said they wanted ret to have less defence and self healing for more dmg ,i was aight whit that knowing we had rediculus health return at some point and we were still good at hiting now i cant hit for crap but get Wog heal on friends for 35k wtf i dont wana be a healer i want to make dmg , but i wont tell much more or i will have to say bye bye to Wog to

p.s i want the old broken ret back cuz imo it wasent that broken compare to where is ret now
I think I may have misunderstood you, do you mean Prot PVP?? or Holy PVP???

Oh wait, your srsy, Ret PVP... WAIT!, Ret can PVP??
I feel like the only optimistic person here..

It's really not that bad, I mean, I can hold my own in bg's (Isn't saying much) and can put out a good amount of pressure on healers if I get my rebuke right and time CD's.

And since the patch, my WOG's haven't really changed, they're still healing for a good amount, as for survivability.. Sword/boarding and SoL (Or SoI w/e it is now) is proving itself very useful.

Not to mention the Zealotry change, which I love because of it's flexibility with holy power, either spam TV's or WOG's.

My only worry is come Cata is aggressive dispels, which really need some fixing.
You're not the only optimistic one

I'm doing fairly well in this new patch. The cleanse change was much appreciated

All I would say is they need to buff Seal of Justice and Repentance a bit.

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