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Wyrmrest Accord
Hi there everybody, I'm your friendly neighborhood apothecary, Gustuv. Just this evening, some folks were wondering if there was a channel for Forsaken RPers to get in on in order to chat OOC about lore, make connections and generally plot like good subjects of the Queen. Upon discovering that there was no such channel, I determined to create one.

So, if you enjoy Forsaken RP and spent a lot of time as a deader, please, /join Forsaken. We're eager to get the place hopping and enjoy some lovely RP in the renovated town of Brill. Please avoid any trolling, etc. As it is a channel about zombies, expect blood, gore, plague, genocide and general evilness being discussed.

Power to the Forsaken!
Am I to assume that this channel is available only to the dea- I mean, vitally-challenged?
Gustuv we already have the channel. Check wra forums and our guild info. Its WRAForsaken.
Yes, this channel is specifically for the vitally challenged.

Also bump.

EDIT: If it's not an issue, I'd like to continue with this channel, Corv. I'll talk to you in game.

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