4.03a Ret makes Poly Sad =/

So, I logged on this afternoon, after excitedly waiting for azeroth to get blown up by the big scary dragon, and after running around all crazy-like, I suddenly found out that not only had my seal of truth nerfed...but it seemed every single ability I have suffered a 25-30% nerf! The exceptionally fun 22-26k crits of templar's verdict were now critting at a very mediocre 14k. The huge buff of exorcism for 50% seemed to be a 10-20% debuff. I have heard rumors that this is just that with the way things are in 4.03a, ret pallies are a bit underpowered until they grow into level 85, where they blossom into pretty yellow flowers of mass destruction. However, right now, things are very nerve wracking, and un-fun. Help!
yeah same here.
Oh lordy lordy! We're not a powerhouse wonder at the turn of the expansion like we've been for the past two expansions! Just grit your teeth and enjoy the new landscape.
i have heard from the internets that this is the case. fortunately, it is only like a week or something, so i will endure. i spent several years being terrible as a ret paladin, a week is as nothing. :p
i spent several years being terrible as a ret paladin

I can believe that. lol
this is new and exciting. next week i hear the forums will finally get a search bar. just a shame since i don't have eyes.

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