The boat from Darkshore to Darnassus is gone.

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There is a spot you can make it across while dead if you look on the map and go NE from Lor'Danel you'll see an area farther out into the sea that doesn't cause fatigue cross from there while dead and you'll make it back to the island and your corpse gl with the 85 guards.
Here's how Horde can do Pilgrim's Bounty this Cataclysmic year. It can be done!

You'll need to be level 80 and well-geared, and ideally doing it when server population is low (try 3 a.m.!) You should be able to do it all but Ironforge solo. Otherwise you may need a friend. I did it all but Ironforge solo with my elemental shaman. Plan to die a lot, but wear your armor because you'll need it to get past some of the L85 guards without dying too too soon. Don't forget to put on your pilgrim outfit!

Do Ironforge separate, either first or last. It is easiest with a couple of friends. (When I got there, a warrior and a warlock popped up by me at the graveyard, so we grouped up and did it together.) Get to Ironforge, then go around at the bottom of the hill path to the left side. One of the guards paths down and stands at the bottom of the hill. When he gets down there, run up from the left (one fewer guard to deal with). Avoid guards as much as possible, but just run run run to the top. The tables are on the right, just outside the city. Run around/through the feast area and up a path that goes behind it to a circular dead end. This is the graveyard. Stop and prepare to die. Feel free to attempt to kill what's coming after you (the more dead first, the better). Rez behind the tree and heal up. Now you need to aggro the few guards standing nearest you at the tables. One is on the right at the bottom of the path, and one (two?) are ahead to the left. Pull them one at a time up the path and kill them. You may be able to do it after killing just the one guard on the right, and if you're super awesome and can single-pull them you could even solo it. Then when those guards are gone, determine which of your group will sit where, so you're not fighting for chairs, then run down and quickly sit. You should be able to sit before you get aggro from anything else, but be prepared to die again. Rez, hearth out, and pay that repair bill.

You can do Exodar, Stormwind, and Darnassus all from the base point of Rut'theran Village. This is the village next to Teldrassil, the island that houses Darnassus. There are two ways to get to Rut'theran Village:

1. This requires a water-walking ability of some kind. Fly to Zoram'gar Outpost and run along the shore northward to the new town of Lor'danel, then use whatever water-walking technique you can (potion, shaman friend to give you water walking, or DK friend to do the same) mount up and run across the water to the island. You will experience fatigue, but you can make it without dying.

2. Run up the west coast in the Eastern Kingdoms to Stormwind and take the boat (watch for it at the southernmost dock) to Rut'theran Village. If you die at Stormwind you'll wake up clear across the zone in Elwynn Forest. This is a pain, but it means you'll be doing Stormwind first so skip down to that part and do it, then try the boat again.

Do Darnassus last. First: Exodar. Avoiding guards at Rut'theran Village, go around to the farthest west dock (the left part of the T of docks) and take the boat to the island with the Exodar. Avoiding guards, mount up and run to the Exodar entrance. Keep to the right side and you can actually sneak past guards to get in there and sit without aggro.

Next is Stormwind. Take the boat from the other dock (the center of the T). (The third boat has no crew and goes nowhere.) You may get aggro and die once you get to Stormwind. If so, you'll wake up in Elwynn Forest and can rez there and go on up to Stormwind. Otherwise, run/swim south along the coast down Westfall, then inland to the city. The tables are up the road from Goldshire. You can easily avoid aggro'ing the guards and sit down.

Next, go back to the same boat and take it back to Rut'theran. You may have to kill some lower-level guards. Don't die or you'll wake up clear across the zone in Elwynn Forest.

Next is Darnassus. I don't think it's possible to get into the tables here solo without dying. Maybe a DK or warrior could do it, but expect to die and wait out your rez sickness. Here's how: Back at Rut'theran Village, avoid the guards. You're going to run to the glowy pink tent structure - the portal into Darnassus. Sneak around, avoiding aggro as best you can, then make a run for it. You should be able to get into the portal and into Darnassus without dying. From there, it's OK to die. If you live, run east through the city and out the other side. Outrun aggro and heal up. If you die, follow the mountains along the west and up to the city. The tables are just inside the big arch gate (which you can go around) and you can run in and sit down without aggro again. Hearth out, and you're done!
This really sucks. I know they designed it knowing you would be able to fly, but this year you can't. And I doubt they'll fix it just for the few weeks you can't fly, either. It's really a bummer :(
same here, i end up running on the water (using Water Walking skill/potion)
How do you get passed the lvl 85 guards while on the dock? I just die and have to fatigue walk my way back and die again. This is on a hunter with feign and everything. Totally stupid to have to jump through all of these hoops. What hoops do Alliance walk through? NONE.

We walk through the hoops of: tables at TB not being active on Sunday & Monday whenever an invasion was on. Outside Org crawling with PVP-hungry 80s. Top of UC crawling with PVP-hungry 80s/people working on their achievements. And Silvermoon... uh... okay, nothing there. Just guard-danger.

This is just conjecture, though; I got mine last year. The TB 'hoop' is the only serious one I've heard of for Alliance (it was tough on Horde visiting TB, too!), and it's over now; just guards potentially, and PVP players.
If you have a turtle mount it's cake. Even more incentive to fish it up.
Hey all,

I sympathize. I spent about 5 hours figuring it out. So to hopefully save you some time. Here's how I did it with a Holy Priest.

Get to Darnassus first. You have to this but running accross the shortest strip of water from Darksore to Darnassus. Looking at your mini map you should be able to tell where the fatigue area starts by the very dark color of the water. Obviously, you'll want to be levitated, and do NOT wear your durable gear, in case you die. It might take you a few tries. Once you start to fatigue, pop a bubble on your self and use that 3 secs of speed. When you lose the speed portion, clear the buff, pop again as soon as off CD...rinse and repeat. You should make it to the non fatigue water by now. If you did this with a hunter, they could just pop aspect of pack for speed.

Once near the island, stay in the water and swim to the left around both docks. get on land and come from behind to get to the portal to the city. Run like hell to make the portal, you WILL die as soon as you get to the city. But now you can corpse hop all the way to the tables. If you die outside the city before the portal, you will rez in Darkshore. So make the dash for the Portal.

For Exodar, do the same to get to the Island of Darnassus. Swim around the left side of furthest dock(the one that goes to Exodar). Swim as close to the gaurd on the left as you to to aggro. Then while he's attacking you, swim back out toward the end of the dock, paralleling the dock. He WILL kill you, this is what we want. Now in spirit form run across the water to darnass the exact same way(you will fatigue even in spirit form). Once in Darnassus, stand at the end of the dock and do not rez. Once the boat arrives. It will stay in port exactly one minute. Time it. About 10 secs before the boat departs, If no ally around, either running to catch boat or on boat, Then REZ now, and jump on boat, as soon as you get to exodar, jump off boat and swim.

That's it. Good Luck. I got my Turkey and Title this way, solo. :)
It was a bad move on blizzards part. They should of released the patch on Dec 1 so that the holiday would be over. The penalty is not evenly applied and I suspect that it was just something they forgot to consider when planning patch days. The amount of effort for horde players to complete this achievement is not proportionate to the effort required.

I vote that any Horde who completes this achievement after the change and for this holiday week should get it to show up as a Feat of Strength, or give us a larger reward for doing what should be an easy achievement while it is nearly impossible.
Okay here is a travel path for you.

1) Go to borean tundra -- valiance keep -- and take the ship to stormwind harbor
2) jump in the water and swim to the far dock that used to go to auberdine. It now goes straight to Rutheran Village
3) Take the boat to Exodar on the west dock
4) after you do what you need to do there come back on the boat to Rutheran Village
5) Do what ever you need to do in Darnassus. BTW the pink glowing tent is how you get back and forth from Rutheran to Darnassus.
NOTE: when you come back from darnassus through the tent it is almost certain death so this is why you do Exodar first.

I was able to to all of this and my only deaths were because of a rogue who jumped me at the exodar table... and then almost lost. The other death was coming back from Darnassus and i died in the exit tent location.
The difficulty of Pilgrim's Peril for Horde compared to Alliance is just atrocious. I raged when I did it. A lot. Whoever let this design flaw go should be fired.
It was a massive pain to get to Teldrassil. I got a DK to lead the way, barely made it through fatigue almost killed us even on horses. Careful when you get to Rut'
theran village as thre are lvl 85 guards waiting. Sneak around up to the North of Rut'theran village and take the glowing red portal into Darnassus. I got killed instantly on the other side by lvl 85, but you actually respawn at Dolanaar (vs. Darkshore if you die outside the tree).

For pilgrim's peril achievement I snuck past the gate with the level 85 guards and then hit the tables beyond that gate. Couldn't figure out how to get out without going through the main city where I think the other portal is. Tried to jump from the north waterfall into the sea, but died. I just hearth stoned out.

Amazing how hard this city is to get too. Don't see how a raid will work here unless we can fly one day. Hope this helps someone.
hi how do i get to darkshore/auberdine from stormwind?
I have said it in countless threads:

Blizzard, take Darn/Exodar out of the achieve requirement for the horde.

Thank you

The level 85 guards are a bit harsh but apply all cities.

On a PvE server, Alliance don't even have to flag to use the table outside Orgrimmar nor are there any guards around that area. Same for Silvermoon. You do have to flag for TB and UC but, again, there are no guards either at the bottom of the TB elevators nor in the upper UC area until you actually get to the elevators going down... a good distance away from the tables.

Moreover, getting to these areas is trivially easy for the Alliance compared to what the Horde have to go through.

...uh, there is a boat from SW to Darnassus.

Y'all know that right?

As if that makes it any easier? Alliance don't have to go into Org to take the Zeppelins to TB or UC.
go crawl in a hole and die troll stop being an ass hat people like u make me hate the alliance even more just spoiled little kids crying

the irony

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