My damage as shadow

What kind of numbers are you guys seeing on target dummies now? I'm primarily a healer, but decided to try out my dps spec last night (in mediocre healing gear), and was able to hold pretty steady around 5-5.1k dps. This was on the level 80 boss dummy in the new Stormwind.
I did have waaay over hitcap with all my spirit though... something like 36%.
I was actually pretty impressed with the damage, and the rotation.
shadow orbs now only give 10% increased damage on next mind blast/spike per orb. yet blizzard didnt state they were nerfing the orbs. only buffing them. is this a mistake?
It was like that on beta as well (when they added the increased DoT damage, they lowered the bonus damage from mind blast). Looks intended, although somewhat silly, since some theorycrafters on beta were suggesting that simply clicking off the orbs (which still gives you the DoT buff) is actually better dps than using mind blast to activate the buff. Not sure whether or not that was ever confirmed, but I know looking at the numbers mind flay did with evangelism/mastery buff it certainly looked possible to be the case when I was looking at it on beta.

Edit: Reports are that you can't cancel it anymore to gain the effect. Haven't tested it myself, but if true, it's pretty stupid that we'd have to cast a spell that costs us dps just to activate our mastery.
The first thing I did yesterday was put on my dps gear and go shadow on a lvl 80 dummy. I was doing about 7000- 7500 dps. This was about the same as before yesterday. I haven't done a run as dps though to compare. I know that before yesterday my numbers off the dummy have not been as good as before 4.0. :(
The new mastery hasnt changed my dps whatsoever actualy(MB at 3 orbs). i still only get a steady 7.2-7.3k on 80 target dummies. Im still not impressed, as my lock friend with less experience and less gear then me pulls 1k more, even after the nerf >.>
I just ran a few heroics this evening. I normally would do upwards of 5k in these even with the mobs going down easy. I noticed that yes, my mind blasts were indeed hitting very low. In fact they sometimes were hitting for lower than what my tool tip was displaying they should hit for, one hit for only 2.4k! My shadowfiend was hitting for higher than me. They definitely broke mind blast. You do have to cast mind blast to get the bonus effect, you also have to recast your dots in order to get the benefit of the buff, so really it is all just a waste unless you can open with an orb on you to blast off to then lay down the dots. It is extremely convoluted and they should attend to this.
It is known Blizzard want every1 reforging to mastery, it should be a slightly better stat for everyone than either haste or crit.

As for recasting dots to gain the benefit, do you mean reapply or refresh the dots? as this is relevent to SW:P.

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