New combos, sound off!

Wyrmrest Accord
Alrighty, let's see those shiny new combos WrA has been cooking up!

Also, holy cow. The troll starting area is NOTHING but druids and the dwarf is NOTHING but shamans.
They must have been hiding in line with all the druids.

"Oh dis? Dis is...a cat wit da mange, mon."

"It be lookin' like an imp."

"It be a cat, I swear!"
So far my two rerolls have been a troll priest and a Forsaken mage. Both combos that already existed.

... I'm so #*@!ing boring.
I am one tear drop in a sea of huntards.

Azuremyst is all empty and junk. Might go to bloodmyst so the respawns don't kill me - they keep poppin' back up like daisies. DB
There's a metric buttload of blood elf warriors last I checked...
Dwarf Warlock here!


Don't mind if I do.
I know.

It is most distressing!
Well... In theory I should appear as a green pony-tailed troll with an eye-patch.

But I still look udderly ridiculous...
Dat's right, mon.
I'm here, where's th' ale?
I gotta say, it's awesome to be playing my favorite class as part of my favorite race...
Finally got a druid I can stand to play :D
Where do I begin?
-human Hunter
-Gnome priest
-Dwarf Shaman
-Blood Elf warrior
-Tauren Paladin
Gah ! So many choices,so little time!
From what I can see in this thread... There are so many new class combos and race changes, the avatars can't keep up with them!


Oh, and I went with Orc Mage.
%^#$ing love orcs.
Transferred my 72 Draenei Warrior to a Blood Elf Warrior. Yay!

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