58/60 Silverpine Forest zone quests...

i was wonder why i can't find other quest to complete 60/60 Silverpine Forest zone quests after finish epic chain quest lore. Should i make GM ticket to solve issue?
sorry about my english and it is my third language :D
I see a lot of people are having this problem.
There were two quests before Sylvanas get's shot by Godfrey that are now phased out and cannot be done.
When Lord Walden, Lord Godfrey & Baron Ashbury are following you around in Pyrewood Village you're suppose to (know) to kill crocs for a head quest item to drop and turn in to Godfrey I believe.
And then there is a giant elite over in the northern headlands named Koruk the Collassus (name check but close),
and you kill him for a head drop too, but if you've completed the questline there, the guy to turn it in at is dead by elite 13 worgens.
I put in a ticket too but nothing yet. Let me know how you fair too.
I have 58/60, so those last two in the other phasing are all I need.
This probably won't be fixed in a hotpatch, I would actually expect sometime next week, during maintenance, although Blizz has surprised me at times. Imma go level my alt in Outland.
I'm at 59/60, and I've got the quest.

The problem is, the quest giver is sort of, dead. So I've got this big bloodly head in my backpack and nobody to give it too, and its holding me back from my acheivement.
Re: Jjvalour
Yeah it looks like going to different zones or leveling an alt is my only option now.
Re: Zeik
At least you did the croc quest, I'm still going to be stuck with 59/60 even if I turn in the bloody partially digested head. But yes, the quest giver is as dead as undead can be. Due to the massive onslaught of Worgen 13 elites.

I'm hoping Blizz will surprise me, or at least add in a few more quests for us unfortunate ones who are phased out of doing the croc quest.
In the mean time, I will hope for the patch on Tuesday to bring relief to this plaguing problem or be out of luck altogether.
I'm not sure how, but on my lowbie druid, I managed to get all 60 quests completed and I didn't do the one with the crocs or the giant - so it must not include those. Very weird and I hope it's resolved.

On a different note, I LOVED the quests. I just hope all the others are as fun.
Would also like to see this addressed some time soon. This has always been my objection with heavy phasing. Crap like this happens and it's a pain in the ass to fix. They need some option to be able to go backwards through phases (cant go forward past your current highest phase) for situations like this.

This was happening on beta with quest chains getting completely cut off because you changed a phase and couldn't go back. Figured they would of worked out a solution before release =\
Taken from the list of recent hotfixes http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/1232869#blog

•Obtaining the achievement for completing quests in Silverpine now requires 55 quests, down from 60. The interface will still list it as 60 required quests until a client-side patch is applied.
That is fantastik news! Thank you for the update.
Awesome. Yeah thanks for the update. Just logged on and noticed I had it =) Still a bad system but w/e.

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