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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi i was wondering if there were any morning raiding guilds out there on Oceanic.
Raids starting any time between 8am-12.
I start work at 5pm so as long as im done by 4-4:30
Have been raiding since classic wow, Classic Raid&Class leader, BC & LK = raid lead + GM

Im just looking for any morning/Day guilds out there too see whats available if you know af any or are in one please point me in the right direction even if not recruiting.

Thank you.
The obvious reply would be why don't you just raid on a US server? They tend to start raids at pretty much the perfect time for you.
i transfered 3 toons to a US server for this reason, and found every guild bar 1 that raided the time frame i could make. so it's not that easy.

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