Reforging for PvP


Just asking you seasoned rets out there what stat that you would reforge on your gear for Ret pvp.

Got some time to kill until cata, so, may as well get started on it and prepare for the rated BGs.
Thank you... and as a side note: I wish they'd let us get the shoulders. :/ Meanies. For the first time in a long while, I'm actually enjoying playing as ret in pvp... now it's too late for her to look good in it. Relentless looks good, don't get me wrong, but I want Wrathful. -_-
I don't think most rets will take Sanctity of Battle, so Haste will be very low priority. That will leave some gaps in the rotation that might make mastery more beneficial for some decent burst or more WoG's. I don't know if crit will be a higher priority than mastery or not. I'm kinda leaning towards reforging Haste and Experitise into Mastery but not reforging Crit.

If you need hit, I'd rather gem hit with the purple gems (str/hit).


Red = str
Yellow = str/mastery or str/crit, str/resil - probably str/mastery for me though.
Blue = str/hit or str/stam (I think the socket bonuses are worth it being that ret is vulnerable defensively)
Ya know, that's another thing I'm noticing. My attacks are missing... with an alarming frequency. I wasn't aware that we needed hit in Pvp this badly... or did things get changed around more than I'm aware of?

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