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I just was able to get the Dual Spec training (lowered level and cost cause of cata, which is nice)

But ... either it's been changed how it works and I can't find a shred of evidence showing that, or i'm doing it wrong (which I shouldn't since i'm reading the site and it doesn't match up)

Any help?


I realize it's probably something I should know by now, but haveng only played for about 20ish days i'm still trying to learn everything there is, and with all the new changes it's kind of been torn upside down lol.
puch the 'n' button, when you look to the upper right you'll see two tabs if you have dual spec.

The active one you seem to ahve no is Feral, the other one has no spent talents so shows as a ?.

Click on the ? and it will ask if you want to switch spec. Click yes then you can allocate your talent points for the secondary spec.

Ok, I've found it :x The thing I was reading was telling me to look in a different place (go figure)

Thanks :)

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