Please tell me this isn't the t11

I was checking out the t11 gear (guess that's what it is) from the valerous quatermaster in org.
Reinforced Sapphirium Shoulders and helmet etc.

Just wondering if the designer looked at this on a blood elf pally? I mean, ignoring the fact the colors and overall look is bad, what's with the shoulders? They sort of just sit on top of the corner of the characters shoulders with a huge space between the helm and shoulders.

I haven't tried it on a tauren, but I hope this wasn't made to look great on tauren pallys and left as is for everyone else.
probably just weird with male belf, other than the helmet (who shows helmets anyways) i think the set is nice (i especially like the blue one)

too bad they dont have the pvp gear vendors on live :(

Exactly my point, it seems the set was designed to look good on a tauren and not any other race. Tauren being the dumbest race for a pally IMO, even the mount looks gimmicky but that's besides the point.

The set doesn't fit on a BE pally at all, even without the helm, doesn't seem like much thought went into it IMO.

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