What did they do to your attack sounds?

The best I can tell quite a few of our attacks now use the warlock pet succubus lash of pain attack sound, and wow do I hate it. So far just playing around with it all of these cause the sound on top of their regular animation noises.

-Mortal Strike
-Opportunity Strike proc

Please tell me this is a bug, it is super annoying getting that noise spamming non-stop when fighting.

But yes, its realllly annoying, and I submitted a thread in the bug report forum about it here.

Yep, my fault for not searching. Time to bump that bug thread.
Yeah the sound is kind of annoying, I was switching to my Arms spec because Fury at my level just isn't getting it done but then I had to listen to that awful noise over and over and over and over again. (It's up there on the LOTRO "Captain" annoying sound level)

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