Retribution Damage since this patch.

This is not a QQ post, please do not use it to whine or complain, I just want to use it to get some constructive feedback and thought.

I ran ICC tonight and went from 14-15k maxed out on a tank and spank like Saurfang or Fester to about 12-12.5 and I just couldn't push it further.

On AoE it seems the DS change has actually hurt us, or I'm just not used to it yet as I can only top out at about 11k when before I could hit at least 18.

For anyone with any 85 experience do we level back out? Am I missing something?

Also is Tiny Abom even worth it at all now with the seal nerf or should I just go to my 251 skull or the War Token?

Constructive talk please, don't PVP QQ me and all that. Thank you.
i'm guessing that this patch reverted all our damage-dealing abilities to the values they will have in cataclysm, which would result in an overall loss of damage since so much of our damage output is based on our weapon damage now.

the divine storm thing is strange, i've not had the opportunity to test it but i suspect that unless you are hitting 4+ targets with it it's not going to be worth using.
I know how you feel. Last week I was pushing 17k+ on Tank and spank fights. Saurfang, Fester and Rotface.

New Patch hits and I barely hit 15k(maybe 16k on a spike) dps. I've noticed that my dmg output(in some areas was nerfed) has gone down from last week.

On the UPside, Exorcism seems to be hitting alot harder than it did last week.
I changed to a Prime exo glyph after the first wing and noticed a boost in my dps.
(replaced the crusader strike 5%crit one)

WHAT I THINK, We ere balance for 85 and will gain back much of our loss dmg in the lvls 81-85.( I hope, positively thinking) At lvl 81 we gain which will help in some of our dmg.
@OP stop QQing and deal with it, it's what you wanted.
Thanks for your input guys, I had much the same thoughts but it's nice to hear others take on it.

With two weeks left it's really a non-issue, if we don't work out well at 85 (I hope we do) then we'll all have something bigger to discuss.

Still my guild is trying for H 10 Man Lich King down these last two weeks while it's still mildly relevant and I'd like to be at my best.

So as for the minor note in my OP does anyone believe that Tiny Abom just isn't worth it now? I'm thinking of switching my boots back Apocalypse Advance to pick up the lost hit and grabbing a War Token and maybe do a touch reforging.

I'll do my own testing once I grind out a few JP for the Token but wouldn't mind some thoughts on it in the mean time.
level 80 is so ideal place to test dps.

DPS is more than fine (at 85). Fury Warrior (even after the nerf across the board) is still #1 DPS along with warlocks in beta (or it was, since beta is now over.).

Paladin, is up there with DKs, which if you do not suck, is "top 5 competitive".

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